Interviews Beyond the Veil One : Mother of Maggots.

The first of the great kings living beyond the Veil, The  Mother of Maggot’s is the first to establish contact with our reality. She manifested in the basement of a Florida Home, much to the dismay of the elderly owners. After   much panicking far more liberal application of police gunfire, MoM was brought to our studio as we were the only human’s that she would talk to.

My name is Brian Robertson and I’m being forced against my will into a room with monster and my own protection is that she ‘promised’ not to hurt me. Thank you, G-men, I’m glad to see you put my personal safety at some level of importance. Strong arms shove me into the studio normally used for crowd shots. The door slams behind me and I’m left in the brightly lit room.

“Greetings, Prophet.” The undulating worm flesh before me spoke as it shifted,  pale flesh uncoiled revealing a humanoid body connected to the large maggot like body.

I stood there gazing at the thing that only day before was flipping over police cars and causing human’s to mutate into what could only be described as ‘flesh chairs’. The humanoid half had three eyes, two pink eyes in the normal position while a pale-green eye rested where a forehead should be. She smiled revealing a mouthful of teeth that better resembled a lamprey or a leech.

“I’m not a prophet, I’m a reporter. You asked for me by name?” I said trying my best not to shit myself in free as she leaned close to me, she inspected me with all three eyes.

“I did, Prophet, I did. Did you not feel my call?” The horror blinked as if she was struck.

“No, Where do you come from?” I said asking a question, I might as well get this over with before I get turned into a chair.

“I can’t really pronounce it in a way you would understand.”

“Well I got questions to ask otherwise I’m going to get shot by Uncle Sam’s goon squad. So if you’ll help me out?” I said exasperatedly, her gaze was searching… Curious of me as if I was the weird thing here.

“☝︎♏︎♒︎♏︎■︎■︎♋︎📪︎ ◻︎❒︎□︎◻︎♒︎♏︎⧫︎📬︎” She didn’t so much speak the words, as I felt my mind scramble to make sense of the force that hit me.

“My turn! Will you worship me?”

“No, I’m not even religious and if I was you aren’t my idea of a God.” I sighed, I was expecting something more threatening but MoM was more like a confused Valley Girl than a horror beyond the veil.

“Oh Hmmmmm….. Alright! I’ll do something God-like.Give me the name of someone you don’t like.” She said while cleaning the dirt off of her large

“I don’t like where this is going, I’m not going to let you kill anyone else.” I decide that I’m going to get nowhere where asking the question the G-men told me to ask. I figure I’m gonna get murdered by the abomination with the leech face or shot by the G-men when this is over. So fuck it.

I stroll over to the monster and touch her flesh, It’s warm and squishy like a water balloon left out in the sun. She didn’t react to my sudden poking, she just watched patiently as if I was some sort of animal she didn’t want to scare away. I sighed and pulled out a cigarette,  I was trying to quit but shit like this warranted a smoke.

“Don’t smoke.”

“Sorry monster-lady but you aren’t taking my only joy in this shitty situation. I’ll smoke away from you.”

I made it three steps before I felt a burning pain in my back, she stabbed me with a single finger as if I was made out of paper. The finger ended in a claw tip, with my lungs on the end of it. I pissed myself in fear, I have covered life and death situations in the past but none of them ended in my ribcage decorating the floor while my lung dripped on the end of her finger.

Everything went out like light

I awoke screaming like a scared child, my first sight was the calm face of the monster staring down at me. She was cradling me in her arms, her body was no longer as gigantic as before, she was still as long as a fuel truck.

“Welcome back, I didn’t mean to kill you but I brought you back after cleaning your lungs. Wanna be my prophet now?”

I don’t say a word but wriggle my way out of her grasp, I ran to the door like she was chasing me. I tear the door off the hinges with little effort, I bowl through the two G-men while running out of the studio. Nothing was going to stop me, I wanted to be as far from that thing as humanly possible. It was dark by the time I felt like I needed to stop, I don’t even know how I ran to my house without dying of exhaustion.

I opened the door and found a G-man, at least I hope he was a G-man, unconscious against the wall. A goat-headed woman rummaged through my refrigerator, she pulled a can of soda before she noticed me.

“Oh… You are still fully human. Well not for long.” She caught herself before scratching her chin, “I’m originally a human and like you, I’m a Prophet. I’ve been sent here to keep you safe from those guys.”

She flicked a thumb in the direction of government agent, “Care if I crash the night, I’ll answer any questions I can but my master can only manifest in the day so I can’t get back to Oklahoma instantly. I’m Jenny, Prophet of Dancing Goat Yusis, pleased to meet you.”

“Giant maggot women, goat women, and the government. I don’t think this can get any worse.”

Jenny smiled, a very unnerving sight with the goat head, “Wait till you start growing or losing things. Better hope you don’t turn into something that can’t move.”

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