Prompts 6/3/2018

Prompt 1:”We need you again.”
“We need you again.”The voice was cold, direct and commanding, the line went dead only moments after.

“Aand I was just having a bit of fun.”  Gabriel said to the completely flayed woman, or was it man, before him. He watched as the human’s skin slowly regrew, the look of extract on the human filled him with joy.

“Well, my loyal little plaything. I got work to do, which means you have to go make yourself useful elsewhere.” Gabriel gave a kiss to the human’s forehead before leaving  his home. The streets were filled with human’s playing and frolicking in the pleasure district.

Gabriel made his way to the edge of the pleasure district and found the problem.  He stood amused at the little creature poking a sharpened bone against the dome, Gabriel squatted till he was eye level with the pink snarling creature.

“You want to come in little forsaken one?” Gabriel smiled as the creature grew eyes to gaze upon him.

“You have treasure and humans. Give them to me.” The abomination  roared, “You can’t keep them away from me. I will have them and I will own them.”

Gabriel placed his hands against the barrier and opened it just enough for creature to squeeze through. “Well far be it from me to say that heaven isn’t accommodating.  I, Gabriel the second, welcome you to the pleasure district of Heaven. Drink your fill and enjoy as much humanity as you like.”

The creature expanded into towering being of muscle and rage, long horns jutted out as it dashed toward a human reading a book. Ichor drooled from the creature mouth as it barreled down on it’s unsuspecting target. The human looked up at the face of the hungry creature… and smiled.

The motion was too quick for the creature to even react, the man reached out and tore it’s horn from it head with the ease of picking a blade of grass. The creature squealed but the human was already on top of him,  a smile of pleasure crossed the human’s face as he wrestled the demon into submission.  Gabriel clapped his hands as he approached.

“What should we do with this one?” The human asked while systematically dislocating the demon’s arms, all six of them.

“God gave you dominion over me. I’m just a glorified tour guide, and he didn’t ask me why the barrier is even there. I could have told him that it was to keep human’s in but he did come here for treasure and humans so I think you should oblige our guest.” Gabriel said with a coy smirk.

“Well this is the pleasure district, I think we could break him in. It’s been a while since we had a toy that could feel pain.”

“Shall I fetch the stockade and the others?” Gabriel asked but he was already moving toward the living quarters, it was always so amusing to see what perfect human’s could do to demons.

“They are so creative.” Gabriel said wistfully while  attending to his duties.

Prompt 2: “For the past year, you’ve been stranded alone on a desert island…or so you thought. Yesterday, you found out you were not alone. What happened? And more importantly: What’s your next move?”

“Day three and no plane it sight. It will be fun, Jerry said. I know how to fly plane  Jerry said but where is Jerry?” Tom growled and kicked the corpse of his friend in the face. “A fucking corpse who didn’t even put on a seat belt.”

“I hope you are happy you drunk son of a bitch.” Tom rolled his eyes and started to roam the island, even if he got rescued he would probably end up dead within a week with the amount of coke that was still in the plane wreckage. “It’s not even my drugs but fuck me, right Jerry?”

Tom wandered  back to the other side  of the island, as far as he could tell the island was only six miles across but over ten miles long. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to go any further,  he made it to his camp by the time noon had arrived. The simple tent made of tarp and rope kept his supplies dry for the most part, only… his supplies were currently outside of the tent.

“Oh man… Oh man….” He groaned hoping that some wildlife didn’t eat all of his food or make off with his steel wool. That was the only way he had been able to make a campfire, he was a smart camper and not a strong one.

Tom noticed that all of his gear was neatly arranged outside of his tent, There was a gutted boar on a preset spit roast and few coconuts. The thing that really bother Tom was the amulet hanging on his spare machete, The amulet was made of a stone that was in the shape of a silver tooth.

“Well If they wanted me dead, I would already have a spear in me. I’m really really hoping this is a good will gesture.” Tom said aloud and kept looking around, he put the necklace on before cooking the pig.  The entire time, he rotated the pig over the spit his attention was on the foot prints in the sand.  They were large, much larger than a human but with the shape of a large bear.

“Well if Yogi want to feed me, who am I to complain?”

Hours passed, Tom placed his gear back into the makeshift tent, he stuffed his sleeping bag to give off the appearance of a sleeping body before climbing a tree just out of sight. He kept as still and silent as possible through the night, his eyes focused on the camp. The wood from his meal was just low enough that he could see but not so bright that he would be exposed to his new neighbor on the island.

The bushes shuffled as a large lumbering form stepped into view, the creature was covered in thick fluffy hair on it’s torso. It’s arms were large leathery flaps of skin that ending in claws, large ears dotted the top of it’s head.  The bat-like thing, kicked sand over the fire, the darkness blanketed the area on the moonless night. The sounds of Toms things being moved around was the only sign that the creature was close.

‘Do not hide.’

Tom immediately dropped from the tree at the soundless voice, it scared him enough that he gave away his position. He immediately turned and ran into the woods, he used his hands to try to guide  himself but the creature was gaining on him. The powerful wing beats came closer and closer until he tripped. Tom’s body tumbled on the dirt, he came to a stop on his belly.

The creature landed on him and leaned down, it’s breath smelled of sour fruit and the sea. It sniffed at him while it’s claws danced over his skin, the creature pulled back  but remained close.

‘You smell good. Did you enjoy the pig?’ The creature said while watching Tom intently, even if he couldn’t see the creature it’s presence felt heavy.

“D-D-Don’t hurt me. I don’t want to be a vampire.”

The creature release a series of small clicks, It reached out and placed a claw over Tom shoulder. The creatures eyes began to glow as Tom whimpered, the bright red glow illuminated the forest in a violent red. Tom’s body began to shudder as his skull split open, the bat-thing screamed and he screamed.  Tom couldn’t focus as his arms split open in a shower of gore and everything faded.

The searing pain ended after what felt like eternity, Tom opened his eyes to a bright ray of sunlight hitting him in the eye. Tom slowly sat up and raised a claw to his mouth to cover a yawn. He scratched his breast  and ambled out of the small hut to see a large bat-thing reading his book. Tom looked down at the deep brown fur and leathery wings that made up his form, he screamed and promptly gave himself a headache.

‘You should rest more, lover.’ The bat-thing pushed the thoughts at him.


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