Blog Challenge 2 (Tyra Part 3)

Write a story including the following three elements: A stolen ring, fear of spiders, and a sinister stranger.

The ring stood before him on an onyx stone platform, the glowing ring began to hum slightly.  It’s guardian dusted the ring, the hooded figure clicked and chattered beneath its robes.  Spiders would occasionally climb out of the robes and  move into the rafters of the room, long strands of webbing crossed every area of the room.

‘Why did it have to be spiders.’ Peter thought as he stood at the entrance to the room, he braved the gauntlet of traps that led to this room. Peter rested against the stone wall as the metallic whir of the saw traps spun behind him.

The guardian moved to a hammock made of webbing, it held a scroll above its head as it read a text that filled with chattering laughter.  Hour passed before the being turned  over and slept, the smaller spiders wrapped the being in more webbing.  Peter doubted he would get another chance, he ran through the web and narrowly dodged a few hidden arrow traps.

Peter grabbed the ring as the guardian’s hand burst through the webbing, muffled screams of rage reached his ears even as he ran back the way he came. Jump. Duck. Slide. Peter dodged the saws in the hallway as the Guardian slapped a hand on the ground. The traps stopped and the Guardian ran after him.

Peter pulled the pin on his grenade and tossed it at the Guardian, the being caught the grenade in its hand.  Peter watched in horror as the creature placed both hands over the grenade, it exploded in its hand. The force tore the sleeve off of it’s robes and the creatures hands were charred at the palms.

“Give back the ring, fool. It will not end well for you.” The voice of the creature was masculine and deep, it slowly removed its robes revealing itself as a large misshapen spider with eight limbs ending in human hands. It’s head was that of a spider wearing a hat to resemble a human head.

“Finders Keepers.” Peter said before tossing another grenade at his foe, he turned the corner before the brilliant light disoriented stalker.

Peter made his way to entrance, the shimmering blue gate that lead to safety was still up and active. Peter put the ring on his finger before leaping through the gate, the ring howled wildly before  his body distorted in the plane between dimensions. The ring was an artifact of extreme  power and he pulled it into rift with no magical security. The ring shattered and a luminous being made of black sound and silent colors appeared.

“So you broke my containment… You truly are a fool. I guess I’ll have to start over again. Peter, you will be my agent in the new world. You have killed both of our planes from summoning  me prematurely.” The being plucked feathers from its body and revealed that both planes were being covered in a black wave of consuming liquid, billions were consumed within a few heartbeats.

Peter watched in horror as his own home reality was consumed in the vision. Peter screamed, cried and begged the other entity to spare them, he didn’t know what he did to deserve a genocide. The being’s darkness consolidated into a tried looking old woman with the body of a crow.

“Well if it’s any consolation, they aren’t dead but two more worlds are apart of my being. It will take me a while to get them situated within my being. In that time, I will make use of you to find another nexus.”

“I’m not going to do shit… I can’t anyway, if you haven’t noticed we are in the stream between realities because of you.” Peter pointed to the glowing purple streams in the inky blackness that whipped pass them.

“I didn’t exactly shatter a worlds anchor point and you seem to be of the mindset that you have a choice in the matter. I can leave between the realities and where I go… So do the souls of everyone that you ever loved. If you die now you will scatter into the multiverse winds, your heaven, your hell and your minor gods are all swimming around my being.  I will need you to set another anchor point before I can begin reforming them, Go… I will place you in a favorable position.” The bird woman spoke.

Peter was falling, he felt the air on his back. He also felt the pain as he went through a wooden roof and landed in a derelict church. Peter  blinked his eyes and found himself staring at a large canine-like face, large horns jutted from the females head as she looked at him.

“Uhhh…. Hello.” Peter managed weakly as he reached black feathered armed out to pet the large dog-thing. “You a handsome monster that isn’t going to eat me, right fella?”

“I’m a woman but no I’m not going to hurt you. I really hope you are the answer to my prayers. I am Tyra Stonesire.” The female grunted and looked at the bright ring on  Peter’s fingers, she could feel the clawing magic searching her.

“Miss, I’m the answer to no ones prayers. I am an envoy of Avayin Mother of Moons.” Peter blinked as the words came out of his mouth. “My name is Peter, Envoy of the Mother of Moons, she has sent me to aid you in your travels. The price of her service is Orb of Delius and whatever I request along the way.”

Peter felt the presence of Avayin leave him as he stood up, the feathers pulled into his skin and he became his normal human self. Bowing before him was the monstrous female, Peter smiled at the thought of having a henchman.

“So, what did you call me down for?” Peter asked his hand reaching down to pull her up by the horns. “I doubt a big woman like you needs any muscle.”

“I need to find the library of Athrus and learn of my ancestry, I don’t know much about moon dragons and…”  She wave a hand over her face and furred body. “I’m built like a brick house and look like a cow. I want to know about my mother’s side of the family.”

Peter nodded, “Well it seems like  I’m here to help you till I get that Orb. The future awaits my large partner in crime, so where can we find booze, women and money?”

“No clue, I never been in a human town. Many because they prefer to shoot at me or try to set me on fire or something to that effect.” Tyra said before standing to her full height, she scratched under her chin with a smile. “Though you are human, you could tell them I’m not dangerous.”

“Worth a shot, Fluffbuns.” Peter said and gave the massive were-creature slap on the rump.

Tyra picked him up with a single  before placing him on her shoulders, “Hold my horns, I’m gonna run. ”

“O-” Peter had to hold on for dear life as the were creature speed out of the church and down the mountain, she was heading directly for a small town at the speed of a race car.


7 thoughts on “Blog Challenge 2 (Tyra Part 3)

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  2. This story definitely had some twists! As usual, your characterization is strong. I liked it very much, the only thing that threw me for a loop was that I wasn’t quite sure who was talking sometimes. Are you going to keep writing on this story?

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  5. Now there’s a fun twist to Tyra’s story! Talk about a bad way to go. Poor Peter didn’t know what he was getting himself into. I wouldn’t mind seeing a bit more detail in the beginning, like what he thinks the ring is actually for. (I assume if he knew it would do all this, he wouldn’t have stolen it…)

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