(Lewd Prompt) The reward.

The village had been saved, the chimera was slain in the village square and the human that managed to do it was being treated for his injuries. The elder healer, was currently moving her scaled hands over his wounds. She dribbled in her various regents and curative, the human grunted but the smug smile of success was painted on his face.

“You are very strong… I did not expect a human to come to aid of our clan. What has the leader offered you?” The healer asked while running sting-water over his head.

“Can’t a human just help out a dune-sister without being rewarded.” He grunted and lifted his shirt to show the patch work of bruises and cuts that marred his back.

The creature laughed under her robes, her reptilian eyes flashed in the torch-light. “No one helps in the black sands for free, even my aid is being paid for by our leader. Do not lie to me, scaleless.”

“I asked for the blessing of expansion.” The human ran his hand over his crow-black hair, his heavily scarred face gazed at the robed healer. She flicked out a serpent like tongue, it was said that the dune clan’s could taste a lie in the air with their black tongues.

“You are an interesting human. Get out, I have others to see about.”

“And gossip to spread?”

The healer nodded, “Visitors are always a source of amusement for us, with the Chimera dead we will have to find another way to get outsiders to visit.”

The moment the human set foot out of the tent, he was greeted by a hulking dune clan member. It’s white scales shimmered in the bright sun while dark green eyes examined him, This dune clan member was Vissar, a friendly towering slab of reptilian muscle. “Thank you, Alan. The leader is currently pouting at your success so I am to lead you to the cool rooms.”

Alan patted the dune-brother on the shoulder, “You know out of all the dune clan members, you are the only one to call me by my name.It’s always human this, monkey that.”

The male turned his gaze downward, “I find your company pleasing, many human’s don’t care to talk to me for long periods but you are vocal and not afraid. It’s pleasing, like a cool day on the sands.”

The made their way down to the under chambers, the city-sized trading post of the dune clan was filled was reptilian dune clan members and the small tusked humanoid called Guraths.  The smells of sweet oils, honey-sand fruit, and expensive liquors wafted from the alcove hidden in one of the side tunnels.  Alan followed the large white reptile as the past two muscular dune brothers, Alan flashed a few gestures that caused both of the guards to relax.

Vissar stopped as they reached a large carpeted room filled with guards and servants patrolling the room. Vissar leaned against the wall, his towering appearance clashed with the smaller and more vibrant colors of the servants.

“This is as far as I’m allowed to travel, I do not qualify for the boon and to proceed further would be a crime.” The black creature gazed unblinkingly at Allen.

“Before I go in, I wanted to ask you something.” Alan placed a hand on the shoulder of the muscular reptile. “Would you say we were friends? I think we are but I wanna  hear your opinion since your kind is always honest.”

Vissar crossed his arms and leaned back, “I would consider you a brother, you saved my life when the Chimera tried to eat me. You don’t mock my stance on violence or my profession as scribe. You are without question, my favorite human.”

“Does that make us-”

“Yes, if you would allow. I would like to follow you to see things outside the black sands.”

Alan turned away from Vissar and looked at the rooms, each one of them had a crest above it. Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Life, and Death Alan puzzled over the rooms, he knew that he could only enter  one of them. Alan propped himself next to Vissar and watched the small lizard leaving food trays and collecting others.

“Wind.” Vissar  whispered, Alan gazed at him as Vissar placed a finger over his snout.

Alan kicked off the wall and stepped toward the wind door, the small brightly colored dune brothers stiffened  before a green scaled male crawled along the walls to tap at the crest. The door opened with a mechanical click, Alan slipped inside as the door clicked behind him.

Alan noticed the warm pool of water that was illuminated by glow stones, sitting in the middle of the pool was an enormous female dune clan member. She stood  large enough that it wasn’t a stretch to say that she could have passed for a dragon if not for the human shape, her green scales shimmered against the blue lights.

“The human hero? I figured that you would have taken a sister of fire, your kind does enjoy glow and warm more than most.” The large female tilted her head as human sized versions of herself  moved large eggs into the corner of the room from the pool.

“I have is on good authority that your clan is the one I should expand.” Alan bowed his head and noticed that all of the females had large thighs, they might lack anything approaching mammalian appeal but they were impressively shapely below the waist.

“Is that so, I don’t know how you will expand our species but it is getting crowded and I should send my daughters away before they are too old to change. As you can see, we are the breeding members of the clan, other females can breed but we never stop mating or growing once we have a male to focus on.” She gestured to one female with a tail covered in weighted rings and a broken horn, her large green wings were neatly folded behind her back. “I will suggest that you take her over any of my other spawn. ”

She stepped up to Alan while hissing with her tongue out, it was a sign of excitement among the species. She held up her fists in a playful gesture, “Human champion Alan, will you play with me for a moment? I am strong and you are strong, unlike my soft sisters I will grow into a strong village mother.”

Alan held up his fist and threw a few play jabs,  even with her plush figure the dune-sister moved like wind. She never landed a solid blow but she manage to tap his temple three times with a clawed finger. They  when he managed to tap her throat, even if he wouldn’t admit it to the village, he knew how to kill the dune clan members by watching them fight.

“You got some moves, not a monk but I could probably get you some training so you can protect yourself even better. I’m Alan Grummel, freelance problem solver.” He licked out his tongue and placed a hand on her shoulder, she mirrored the greeting of the dune clan.

“I am Gale, daughter of Mother Hurricane.” She pointed to the large dune clan resting in the pool. “I would like to leave this village, please take me with you.”

Alan nodded, “I need someone to follow me, listen to my orders and be willing to use common sense.”

“As agreement with my clan, we are cared for and expected to spread the village or replace mother when she dies. I will not betray you, I cannot return once I leave without being executed.” She admitted with a shrug, “Will you take me?”

“Yeah. I’ll take you, I hope you like the jungle that our next place.” Alan said.

The paperwork to take Gale from the village was a nightmare, Alan probably signed enough scrolls to fill a barn. Vissar was beside him to explain the scrolls that weren’t written in the Free Traders  script. Alan finished  by night fall as he paid for a large carriage carried by the fastest strider lizards he could afford.

Vissar kept his gaze to his book, he would occasionally look at Gale then his pen would scribble new notes. Vissar nervously looked up at Alan who simply smiled, which made the reptilian male hiss and scribble harder.  Vissar finally gave up and shut the book, his attention drawn to the cooling crystal at the ceiling of the room.

“You’ll both have to forgive me but I didn’t ask before, Do you find each other attractive?” Alan broke the silence and Vissar looked like he wanted to escape.

“He is a tall male and quiet imposing, I want to bite and mate him. He smells of ink which is strange but the taste is nice on my tongue.” Gale answered while looking out the window at the black sands.

“I don’t want to answer that question, humans are known to kill and fight over mating rights. I would not want to make an enemy of my friend.” Vissar scratched at his scales nervously.

“What do you both think of human’s?” Alan said while wagging his eyebrows playful.

“I find them interesting, their bodies are more adaptable than ours. Their reproductive organs are external, they grow hair and they are very warm to the touch. You are my third human and I have found your company interesting enough that I want to see a human village to record it.” Vissar answered.

“I don’t know much about them, though I don’t know if I can have eggs with them.”Gale answered, “I will try my best, if I cannot then I would work to as a vassal to you.”

Alan pinched the bridge of his nose. “Well there goes my plan… This is going to be hard but considering your species honesty, I’ll try that.”

Alan placed a hand on each of their legs, his hand slid up until he was rubbing against both of reptiles cloaca. “I want both of you, I am an adventurer and I have a good amount of coin at my estate but there is something I’m missing.”

Alan’s fingers sank into the waiting folds of Gale while his fingers were pushed out by the budding erection of Vissar. Neither looked as if they wanted to rebuke him, they watched him passively as they bodies reacted more favorably. Alan took a moment to explore their anatomy.

“You are both free to refuse me and I won’t hold it against you. I want both of you.” Alan’s fingers worked skillfully as he tapped into his experience as a former sex slave. Gale hissed and bit at her claws while Vissar gently thrust into his hands.  Vissar’s green eyes and Gale’s golden ones regarded him with such confusion that he almost laughed.

“I would like this if I can enjoy the jungle lands of humans. I want to see new things and fi- fi-” Gale shuddered with a flap of her large wings and gasped, “I accept even without your fingers doing such good work.”

Vissar took a long and low hiss, his reptilian hands grabbed at the back of Alan’s head and pulled him close to his scaled chest. “Alan.I have read much on human’s and their devouring needs, I will not be a slave to your desires if you are not a slave to mine. We are equals, I will not change this but I would like to see your devotion.”

Alan watched as the Vissar moved the cloth covering his erection to the side, the large purple organ throbbed. From the tip of the organ to the base was ridged, Alan looked at Vissar as the reptile smiled in a very human expression.

“You are free to refuse if your devotion is lacking…” Vissar hissed pleasantly, the normally docile reptile held a predatory gleam to his green eyes. “I have heard that human mouth’s are some of the softest.”

Alan snorted and placed his mouth over the musky smelling reptilian shaft, his fingers were still sending Gale into shuddering gasps of pleasure as her tongue lolled out. Alan bobbed his head on the tip of the organ, the ridges tickled his throat as he hummed.

“I think I like this human.” Gale’s tongue lolled out as she hissed.

“Call him Alan, he likes that.” Visser placed his fingers on Alan’s head, “Leader Alan…”

Alan pulled his mouth from the shaft, “Make no mistake, when I’m done. I’ll be putting that tongue to use.” Alan slowly worked his way to the base, the ridges teased his throat as he bobbed his head.

By the time the carriage arrived, the trio dragged themselves out. Tired, sticky and content as they stood in the center of a sweltering jungle with a looming castle before them. The dune clan members stood in awe of the massive castle even as a few humans worked to patch up the holes in the wall.

“It’s a fixer upper but it’s my family home. We cleared out most of the demons, I think. Cultist nonsense.” Alan said walking ahead.





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