Sapphire Dreams

Prompt given by this guy
The knocking began as simple taps but Grant simply pulled the pillow over his face, the sounds of knocking grew more frantic. Someone really wanted to speak to Grant but he didn’t know anyone in Revalom, he got out of his bed and slipped on his boxer. Grant was ready to lay into who would be knocking at his door at four in the morning, Grant reached the door and realized that the knocking was coming from his balcony.

“Who is it?” Even as the words left his mouth, Grant felt like an idiot. What was he talking to? A Ninja? The human fly?

“Sapphy!” A high pitch voice squealed through the balcony.

Grant stepped to the balcony doors, the entire balcony was covered in newspapers and pillows. The balcony was completely clear last night but now among all of the debris was a shivering woman with shimmering blue wings, sweat beaded her face and three eggs lay in between her legs. The harpy looked up at Grant with an apologetic look as she spread her wings over the eggs.

A blue harpy just laid eggs on his balcony, “You gotta be shitting me.”

“Where is John? Is he sleeping?” The harpy asked  while using the small claws on the edge of her wings to clean the clippings still on her hair.

“The previous owner passed away almost a year ago.” Grant only knew this because of the gossip the couple next door engaged in.

“Oh… That is bad. John was a good friend, he promised that I could nest here.” Sapphy  looked up at Grant, “Can I stay here?”

Grant latched the door and picked up his cellphone, he dialed a number and paced around the room.

“Revalom Monster Assistance Line. I’m Monica, how can I help you?” A pleasant voice called from other end.

“I have a harpy problem, a large harpy just laid eggs on my balcony. She says some human said she could make eggs on the balcony. That guy is dead and it’s not my problem.”

“I understand sir, what color are the wings on this harpy. Are they brown or red?”

“Blue, really shiny blue and her legs have black skin with those gross bird textures like a chicken.” Grant said as Sapphy scratched at her legs.

“Okay sir, You can’t remove that harpy. They are an endangered species  but what you can do is fill out a MW-445 form online. The government is willing to compensate you for the care of those eggs, That is a Sapphire Harpy and they are completely non-aggressive long as you don’t harm them.” The woman replied cheerfully, “Their eggs shells and feathers can be sold for a pretty nice price and the adults shed seasonally.”

“So what do I do if she tries to enter my apartment?”

“Let her in, it’s much better than having her ‘take care of business in any place that isn’t’ a toilet.”

Grant hung up the phone and noticed that Shappy was leaning against the glass of his apartment balcony. She was starting at the bowl of fruit sitting on his kitchen counter, Grant plucked an apple from the bowl and bit into the apple. She watched him with sharp blue eyes tracing every moment, Grant found her attention a little amusing even as she drooled against the glass.

“Want some?” Grant teased  holding another apple against the glass,  she nodded erratically.

“I’m going to lay out some ground rules, this is my house. You wanna come in, you knock and ask. You wanna eat, it comes out of whatever stipend they give me for you. You don’t poop  on my stuff and you can use the bathroom when you need too. By tomorrow I want those new papers and pillows gone.” Grant said holding the juice apple by its stem.

“But I need to keep my eggs warm and I’ll get sick if I’m cold or if it rains.”

Grant nodded and pulled out his phone, he wanted to know what he was getting out of this deal. He pulled up the MW-445 payout rates, his eyes gleamed as the pay out was four grand per month. Per harpy.

“I think we got off on the wrong foot, would you like to come inside?” Grant opened the door, Sapphy stood up to her full height and Grant noticed that she was wasn’t as tall as she looked with her eggs. She was no larger than four feet even though her wings were extremely large, at least ten feet in length.

She knocked on the door frame before stepping in, she then noticed that her eggs were still inside. “I can’t pick them up, I’m… scared of cracking them.”

Grant nodded before getting three large bowls, he placed a towel in each before setting the eggs inside.  He carried each egg into his guest room, a room that he hoped to be occupied by a cute female roommate inside of blue buzzards or a woman. Grant would at least not have to pay rent if the government  was going to pay him for all the birds.

“You are drooling…” Sapphy said moving a foul-smelling claw across mouth.

“You need a bath… you smell rotten fruit and old meat.” Grant complain and pushed the scrawny blue harpy into the bathroom. She squawked and fluttered as she was unceremoniously pushed into the bathroom with the door shut behind her.

“Hey! Don’t you tell me what I need, I need to keep my eggs safe!” Sapphy  yelled through the door, she knocked a few times before giving a loud grunt of displeasure.

Grant hear the water running as the sun started to rise over the horizon, Sapphy started to sing and Grant leaned closer to the door to hear the words.

“A human pushed me into a bathroom, even though I can’t reach my back and harpies clean each other in paaaairs. Humans are dumb, humans are mean but human really really want me to be clean.” The off-key serenade continued with several insults before Sapphy stepped out of the bathroom, her talons clicked along the ground as she stopped in front of the fruit bowl.

“You can have the whole bowl, I’ll buy more later after I fill out the form.” Grant grumbled from his computer, MW-445 was twenty pages about his lifestyle and living conditions. Sapphy took the bowl and darted to her eggs, Grant could hear her start to hum to her unborn chicks.

2 thoughts on “Sapphire Dreams

  1. I like how you went with the inbetween of large and small. I also enjoyed how you handled monsters in a real world setting. Of course there is a department for that! Also 4k a month? Where do I get one of them blue winged girls?!

    • You can find them on the Coasts of several very deadly seas guarded by leviathans. I really happy you enjoyed the story, I had fun playing around with it.

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