Cognitive Dissonance of a Kennel Master

I like romance, I hate romance.

I love the feeling of passion toward another, the taste of their excitement and affection. It’s one of the few drugs that leaves your generally better after you’ve started taking it. I’m sure most of you reading my blog have been in love and experienced that ‘puppy love phase.’

I love love. I’m a romantic at heart, I write romance and smut as my hobby while trying to be serious as a fantasy writer as my source of limited income. This is where I feel a little bit frustrated and my Cog Diss comes into play.

I hate the romance that I see around me, so many people are jaded and justifiably  unfulfilled. There is a certain gallows humor that comes from watching couples and debating the length of their relationship just by their compatibility.  I don’t want them to fail because I want them to prove me wrong, last long and show me that I’m wrong. Even if I never have that, I want to know that it exists in my own era.

It’s a bit funny when I think about it because I’ve pretty much come to love myself to the point I haven’t thought about being romantic with anyone. My stories show a desire for that, most of what I write is usually about loyal females and masculine males. I feel the opposite when I read modern erotica, I see way too many subtle jabs at masculinity on one side of the fence and I see extreme over compensation on the other side.

I just miss the old school story tell were couples were loyal and usually some level of monogamy with each other. I know it fiction but damn could I enjoy a good lie about a masculine male getting respect and a loyal lover.

This is my Love/Hate relationship with romance in fiction.

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