Ego Blog Prompt Challenge 2 Turbo : Champion Blogger Edition Number Four.

The Prompt: “During a family camping trip two siblings set out to catch fireflies and accidentally catch a fairy. She grants them a wish, and they ask her to take them to the fairy kingdom.”

“Carl… We are in our thirties and we are supposed to be camping. You know how Debbie is going to act if you start doing that thing of yours.” Robert sighed as he followed his brother Carl through the trees.

“It’s not a thing, it’s a entomology and don’t be such a bitch. You used to love doing this as kids, remember how big the-”

“Nope. If you use the nerd name for it I’m going back. If we are going to ‘relive childhood’ then you are going to have to call them normal names and not Lampyridae.” Robert hissed as he managed to make it up the hill overlooking their campsite.

“You remembered the name!” Carl said with his voice rising a few octaves in excitement.

“Not like I didn’t hear it for the two weeks till you led me out here. So let’s catch a few things so you can jizz all over some obscure fact about bugs.”

“You’ve become a little crude lately little brother.” Carl said before propping himself up against a tree. “Is it because your love life is shit? You know if you had fun more than the ladies would like you.”

Robert rolled his eyes, “Take your damn net and get on with it. Will ten or so satisfy his highness? ”

“Thirty would be good but if you are so frail that you can only catch ten. I accept that you are already feeling your age.” Carl said smugly.

Robert immediately sprinted into the clearing, his net was a blur of activity. He wasn’t trying to catch anything per say but the violent action made him feel just a little better about his situation. As the little moats of light started to appear, Robert took to capturing the little bugs. The small ones weren’t much to write home about  but out of the corner of his eye, he noticed one bright enough that it could have been mistaken for candle light.

Robert brought the net down like a sledgehammer, the bright bug immediately tried to fly upwards and tangled itself in the net.

“Help! Rape! The humans are going to rape me! Help! They are going to use their bodies to violate my small frame!” The little being in the net screeched out.

Carl immediately ran over to Robert, the pair wordlessly gazed down at the being in the net. The creature stood only six inches tall, with radiant yellow wings and a baseball cap the size of a toy on its head. Solid black eyes gazed around

“What is that?” Robert asked, “It’s looks like a fairy.”

“Fairies don’t-”

“I’m a fairy. S-s-s-so will you be gentle as you violate my poor butthole? Will you wish to have me as your courtesan or milkdrinker?” The fairy was radiating lust as it openly touched rubbed its tiny nipples before the siblings.

“I’m officially creeped out. I expected fairies to be more… wholesome.” Robert said trying to keep his eyes away from the lewd being.

“You said something about a wish?” Carl asked while reaching a finger down to poke at the fairy, “Is there some sort of price or are you going to do some wishmaster stuff and make our wishes horrible?”

The fairy shook his little head, ” I promise that I won’t be malicious with my wishes after all you are going to wish for all of me.” The fairy cooed before licking Carl’s finger with a tongue that stretched long enough to reach his palm.

“I wish go to the fairy kingdom.” Carl said without an ounce of consideration in his words.

“Wait Carl! We should at least talk about this!”  Robert tried to shout but his anger died in his throat as he was face to face with imposing creature similar to the small fairy but it was eye level with brothers.

“I held up my end of the bargain sooooo…. net removal?” The smaller fairy asked while still held under the neat.

Carl removed the net and the fairy fluttered toward Roberts shoulder  before sitting down. Carl ignored the small fair for a moment and took in their surrounding, the forest gave way to a small district filled with various creatures from Unicorns to Giants.  Fairy from the size of the small one on his brothers shoulder to the size of humans.

“So since you are here, you need to give the fairy queen a visit.” The fairy crossed his legs and looked at Robert’s five o’ clock shadow. “You don’t wanna get caught without a passport by the city guards.”

“Carl, did we take shrooms before we went firefly hunting?” Robert asked with a bit of fear in his voice, there was a sender man approaching him with crown in his head. Every step of the man was no unnaturally calculated it was almost hypnotic.

“Little Bell. I see you’ve brought a few humans..” The man spoke with a voice that was song-like with mischievous promises hidden in every word.

“They asked to come here, they managed to capture me. I didn’t get to have any fun though,  I even did everything you told me. I wore a hat.” The little fairy pointed to his stylish baseball cap.”I really don’t think hats excite humans, My Queen.”

“Well we will figure it out, we’ve got guests that need servicing. I am… Titan-ia, Queen of the fairies.” Titan-Ia gave a polite bow.

“Don’t you mean Titania?” Robert said and the fairy queen smiled.

“No I mean…” Titan flexed with enough force rip out of his tunic, rippling muscles bulged against the torn fabric. “I am the Titan, Ia, my body is a temple to swole as you human’s put it.”

“I wanna go home, I wanna go home now.” Robert said as the nude fairy queen leaned in and smiled widely.

“You’ll have to petition the Queen to leave and I feel like being a generous host to our new guests.” Titan-Ia snapped his fingers the brothers  vanished leaving the tiny fairy hovering in the air.

“My Queen, I promised them I wouldn’t twist their wish. I do not wish to lie.” The small fairy spoke while keeping its gaze to the floor.

“My dear Bell, You won’t be a liar. I  only sent them some place private so you can take advantage of first rights. Have fun with your human friends, if things go well then I look forward to the changelings that come of it.” Titan-Ia said before snapping his fingers again and sending the fair to join the confused humans.



7 thoughts on “Ego Blog Prompt Challenge 2 Turbo : Champion Blogger Edition Number Four.

  1. Absolutely funny! I love it and want to know what happens next. I’m curious if some led antics come up. :3 The Queen had me busting up laughing.

    • Whhhhhhaaaaat? Lewd? In my stories? I THINK NOT?

      Totally not going to have a size difference domination scene with Bell and the guys. Totally not!

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  3. Totally not what I was anticipating when I read that prompt! I was thinking kids, and this is so not family-friendly! (Shocker.) The ending was awesome, great way to change it up.

  4. Too great! I loved this! From the banter between the brothers to the fairy they captured to the arrival of the Queen, this was a fantastic comedy with a famous “Doggo-Twist.” I’ll keep my eye out for a part two. 😀

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