Blog Challenge Number ??

Your three words are: Honesty. Hate. Bed.


Blood splattered on Cain’s smock, the nearly deafening shrieks of pain of the female on his table made the job more difficult. Cain’s assistants moved around him in a flurry of skilled motions, they carried the eggs to the spawning pools just one room over. Cain’s kept a close eye on the female on the table, she was restrained to the table and even with the metal cables binding she still managed to warp the table with her strength.

Cain sighed as he pulled the  final egg from the expecting mother, this egg was large as an adult pig and fleshy. Cain passed the egg to several of his assistants before sitting down in the nearest chair to the patient.  The patient turned her large chitinous head in his direction, Cain held his gaze with her silently. The part coming next was would be far worse than the five hours of extracting eggs.

“Doctor?” The patient asked while flexing a clawed hand in her bonds.


“I’m going to die now… right?” She wanted honesty, Cain wanted his bed.

“It’s not that simple, You’ll live at least a week longer but you’ll have to feed yourself to your daughter. She won’t grow other wise, most queens simply ask the doctor to chop them up and serve them up.” Cain was already plotting what assistant would be doing that job, he wasn’t a butcher.

“I should be scared but I’m just worried if my daughter will do a better job. I want to teach her to avoid void spiders, I want to show her that the fleshies have so much to teach us. I want to tell her that selecting a proper drone is more than just a shiny exoskeleton.”

“You want what every parent wants. Your daughter will hatch in an hour, we will bring her out here for you to tell her all of this.”  Cain said as he pulled himself out of the chair. “You should still rest, even with a week to live you want to give your daughter every bit of your limited time.”

Cain wandered out of the operating room, the white tile of the hospital reflected light painfully into his eyes. Cain made his way into the staff quarters, the room was filled with exhausted doctors of all species and professions resting off the rough day. The other doctors noticed him and gave tired clap in response, a small part of him felt hate for the condition that his fellow doctors end their days with. He found a comfortable chair and planted himself in the soft cushions.

“You managed to survive your first Karzeet delivery, how do you feel?” The speaker was a large, fluffy, rabbit-like mutant, strong prehensile tentacles writhed contently from his back.  Uubo, the senior most surgeon, grinned  at him with tired golden eyes.

“I’m debating fluffing you and using you for a pillow, Sir. I’m exhausted and I had to deal with a giant bee person’s existential crisis.” Cain whined as he reached out to Uubo’s fur but the mutant politely brushed his hand aside.

“I’d advise against the notion of fluffing me, Dr. Moore. I would suggest that you head home, put your car on auto and sleep.” The doctor handed him a folded note. “You might want to take a trip there when you feel better.”

“Thanks, Sir. I’m going to go black out in my car now…” Cain mumbled but his head lowered and he was sleeping within moments.

4 thoughts on “Blog Challenge Number ??

  1. :O What’s this? A SFW story? XD Just teasing. I really felt for the doctor and the Queen, their plight was really interesting. Iy makes me curious how the egg birthing went and how talking to the daughter will go.

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  3. I love how you allowed the doctor to feel empathy for the Queen while he listened but yet, still allowed him to have his own personal opinion on the matter. I’m curious why they do what they do and what caused this method to be the one that they use for births. I’m also curious why the Queen must feed the daughter. xD Loved how you took the prompts though! Great job!!

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