Sapphire Dreams

Prompt given by this guy
The knocking began as simple taps but Grant simply pulled the pillow over his face, the sounds of knocking grew more frantic. Someone really wanted to speak to Grant but he didn’t know anyone in Revalom, he got out of his bed and slipped on his boxer. Grant was ready to lay into who would be knocking at his door at four in the morning, Grant reached the door and realized that the knocking was coming from his balcony.

“Who is it?” Even as the words left his mouth, Grant felt like an idiot. What was he talking to? A Ninja? The human fly?

“Sapphy!” A high pitch voice squealed through the balcony.

Grant stepped to the balcony doors, the entire balcony was covered in newspapers and pillows. The balcony was completely clear last night but now among all of the debris was a shivering woman with shimmering blue wings, sweat beaded her face and three eggs lay in between her legs. The harpy looked up at Grant with an apologetic look as she spread her wings over the eggs.

A blue harpy just laid eggs on his balcony, “You gotta be shitting me.”

“Where is John? Is he sleeping?” The harpy asked  while using the small claws on the edge of her wings to clean the clippings still on her hair.

“The previous owner passed away almost a year ago.” Grant only knew this because of the gossip the couple next door engaged in.

“Oh… That is bad. John was a good friend, he promised that I could nest here.” Sapphy  looked up at Grant, “Can I stay here?”

Grant latched the door and picked up his cellphone, he dialed a number and paced around the room.

“Revalom Monster Assistance Line. I’m Monica, how can I help you?” A pleasant voice called from other end.

“I have a harpy problem, a large harpy just laid eggs on my balcony. She says some human said she could make eggs on the balcony. That guy is dead and it’s not my problem.”

“I understand sir, what color are the wings on this harpy. Are they brown or red?”

“Blue, really shiny blue and her legs have black skin with those gross bird textures like a chicken.” Grant said as Sapphy scratched at her legs.

“Okay sir, You can’t remove that harpy. They are an endangered species  but what you can do is fill out a MW-445 form online. The government is willing to compensate you for the care of those eggs, That is a Sapphire Harpy and they are completely non-aggressive long as you don’t harm them.” The woman replied cheerfully, “Their eggs shells and feathers can be sold for a pretty nice price and the adults shed seasonally.”

“So what do I do if she tries to enter my apartment?”

“Let her in, it’s much better than having her ‘take care of business in any place that isn’t’ a toilet.”

Grant hung up the phone and noticed that Shappy was leaning against the glass of his apartment balcony. She was starting at the bowl of fruit sitting on his kitchen counter, Grant plucked an apple from the bowl and bit into the apple. She watched him with sharp blue eyes tracing every moment, Grant found her attention a little amusing even as she drooled against the glass.

“Want some?” Grant teased  holding another apple against the glass,  she nodded erratically.

“I’m going to lay out some ground rules, this is my house. You wanna come in, you knock and ask. You wanna eat, it comes out of whatever stipend they give me for you. You don’t poop  on my stuff and you can use the bathroom when you need too. By tomorrow I want those new papers and pillows gone.” Grant said holding the juice apple by its stem.

“But I need to keep my eggs warm and I’ll get sick if I’m cold or if it rains.”

Grant nodded and pulled out his phone, he wanted to know what he was getting out of this deal. He pulled up the MW-445 payout rates, his eyes gleamed as the pay out was four grand per month. Per harpy.

“I think we got off on the wrong foot, would you like to come inside?” Grant opened the door, Sapphy stood up to her full height and Grant noticed that she was wasn’t as tall as she looked with her eggs. She was no larger than four feet even though her wings were extremely large, at least ten feet in length.

She knocked on the door frame before stepping in, she then noticed that her eggs were still inside. “I can’t pick them up, I’m… scared of cracking them.”

Grant nodded before getting three large bowls, he placed a towel in each before setting the eggs inside.  He carried each egg into his guest room, a room that he hoped to be occupied by a cute female roommate inside of blue buzzards or a woman. Grant would at least not have to pay rent if the government  was going to pay him for all the birds.

“You are drooling…” Sapphy said moving a foul-smelling claw across mouth.

“You need a bath… you smell rotten fruit and old meat.” Grant complain and pushed the scrawny blue harpy into the bathroom. She squawked and fluttered as she was unceremoniously pushed into the bathroom with the door shut behind her.

“Hey! Don’t you tell me what I need, I need to keep my eggs safe!” Sapphy  yelled through the door, she knocked a few times before giving a loud grunt of displeasure.

Grant hear the water running as the sun started to rise over the horizon, Sapphy started to sing and Grant leaned closer to the door to hear the words.

“A human pushed me into a bathroom, even though I can’t reach my back and harpies clean each other in paaaairs. Humans are dumb, humans are mean but human really really want me to be clean.” The off-key serenade continued with several insults before Sapphy stepped out of the bathroom, her talons clicked along the ground as she stopped in front of the fruit bowl.

“You can have the whole bowl, I’ll buy more later after I fill out the form.” Grant grumbled from his computer, MW-445 was twenty pages about his lifestyle and living conditions. Sapphy took the bowl and darted to her eggs, Grant could hear her start to hum to her unborn chicks.

The Black Dog



This is not a story but a personal musing. I hate the feeling of sadness, I always think of what little I have to be sad about. I have my health (I could spend more time in the gym.), I have my mind, I have people who would probably care if something bad happened to me and I have all the time in the world to work on my hobbies/passions.

So why is it that I feel so unfulfilled? I don’t think it’s just a mental illness or something like that but there is some underlying wrongness to everything some days. Like that this very moment all I can think about is just stepping out of my home and walking into the distance, what befalls me just befalls me.

While that shit is artsy and emo as hell I know I won’t do it because I am an internet junkie and time without my copious amounts of anime and podcasts would make me more miserable. I get like this sometime, it’s a part of my own dealings with the black dog. I’ve been told to take medicine to fix my pooch but I tried it before and…. Let’s just say I didn’t like the side effects.

My black dog is bit a friend but more like a grumpy stray, when I need him he is there to ground me against the massive amount of unrealistic expectations I have as a writer and a person. He is willing to bark when my ego gets bigger than my skulls capacity to hold but even the worst dogs have their good points.

Now when it comes to days like this? I wanna kick the unruly hound in his ass, nothing is going wrong, nothing is broken and yet I can’t focus or get anything done because I feel so damn tired. It’s annoying as shit and I’m fighting against it using the only power I have to deal with depression. Anger. Pure and simple, it’s much easier to deal with depression with sheer violent anger towards anything. Hatred at least feels good, yelling releases endorphins and such science stuff.

I’m going to write today, and I’m going to write good because even if I feel like I just want to spread out on the floor and let time take me. I got shit to do and being a bitch doesn’t get my novel done, my six-pack on my gut, or fixes anything wrong. So fuck depression, fuck that black dog with a cactus, fuck my own tired body, and fuck everything that isn’t pushing me forward.

With the love of a burning tire iron to the face of depression,
-Curious ❤

Blog Challenge Participants

(Lewd Prompt) The reward.

The village had been saved, the chimera was slain in the village square and the human that managed to do it was being treated for his injuries. The elder healer, was currently moving her scaled hands over his wounds. She dribbled in her various regents and curative, the human grunted but the smug smile of success was painted on his face.

“You are very strong… I did not expect a human to come to aid of our clan. What has the leader offered you?” The healer asked while running sting-water over his head.

“Can’t a human just help out a dune-sister without being rewarded.” He grunted and lifted his shirt to show the patch work of bruises and cuts that marred his back.

The creature laughed under her robes, her reptilian eyes flashed in the torch-light. “No one helps in the black sands for free, even my aid is being paid for by our leader. Do not lie to me, scaleless.”

“I asked for the blessing of expansion.” The human ran his hand over his crow-black hair, his heavily scarred face gazed at the robed healer. She flicked out a serpent like tongue, it was said that the dune clan’s could taste a lie in the air with their black tongues.

“You are an interesting human. Get out, I have others to see about.”

“And gossip to spread?”

The healer nodded, “Visitors are always a source of amusement for us, with the Chimera dead we will have to find another way to get outsiders to visit.”

The moment the human set foot out of the tent, he was greeted by a hulking dune clan member. It’s white scales shimmered in the bright sun while dark green eyes examined him, This dune clan member was Vissar, a friendly towering slab of reptilian muscle. “Thank you, Alan. The leader is currently pouting at your success so I am to lead you to the cool rooms.”

Alan patted the dune-brother on the shoulder, “You know out of all the dune clan members, you are the only one to call me by my name.It’s always human this, monkey that.”

The male turned his gaze downward, “I find your company pleasing, many human’s don’t care to talk to me for long periods but you are vocal and not afraid. It’s pleasing, like a cool day on the sands.”

The made their way down to the under chambers, the city-sized trading post of the dune clan was filled was reptilian dune clan members and the small tusked humanoid called Guraths.  The smells of sweet oils, honey-sand fruit, and expensive liquors wafted from the alcove hidden in one of the side tunnels.  Alan followed the large white reptile as the past two muscular dune brothers, Alan flashed a few gestures that caused both of the guards to relax.

Vissar stopped as they reached a large carpeted room filled with guards and servants patrolling the room. Vissar leaned against the wall, his towering appearance clashed with the smaller and more vibrant colors of the servants.

“This is as far as I’m allowed to travel, I do not qualify for the boon and to proceed further would be a crime.” The black creature gazed unblinkingly at Allen.

“Before I go in, I wanted to ask you something.” Alan placed a hand on the shoulder of the muscular reptile. “Would you say we were friends? I think we are but I wanna  hear your opinion since your kind is always honest.”

Vissar crossed his arms and leaned back, “I would consider you a brother, you saved my life when the Chimera tried to eat me. You don’t mock my stance on violence or my profession as scribe. You are without question, my favorite human.”

“Does that make us-”

“Yes, if you would allow. I would like to follow you to see things outside the black sands.”

Alan turned away from Vissar and looked at the rooms, each one of them had a crest above it. Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Life, and Death Alan puzzled over the rooms, he knew that he could only enter  one of them. Alan propped himself next to Vissar and watched the small lizard leaving food trays and collecting others.

“Wind.” Vissar  whispered, Alan gazed at him as Vissar placed a finger over his snout.

Alan kicked off the wall and stepped toward the wind door, the small brightly colored dune brothers stiffened  before a green scaled male crawled along the walls to tap at the crest. The door opened with a mechanical click, Alan slipped inside as the door clicked behind him.

Alan noticed the warm pool of water that was illuminated by glow stones, sitting in the middle of the pool was an enormous female dune clan member. She stood  large enough that it wasn’t a stretch to say that she could have passed for a dragon if not for the human shape, her green scales shimmered against the blue lights.

“The human hero? I figured that you would have taken a sister of fire, your kind does enjoy glow and warm more than most.” The large female tilted her head as human sized versions of herself  moved large eggs into the corner of the room from the pool.

“I have is on good authority that your clan is the one I should expand.” Alan bowed his head and noticed that all of the females had large thighs, they might lack anything approaching mammalian appeal but they were impressively shapely below the waist.

“Is that so, I don’t know how you will expand our species but it is getting crowded and I should send my daughters away before they are too old to change. As you can see, we are the breeding members of the clan, other females can breed but we never stop mating or growing once we have a male to focus on.” She gestured to one female with a tail covered in weighted rings and a broken horn, her large green wings were neatly folded behind her back. “I will suggest that you take her over any of my other spawn. ”

She stepped up to Alan while hissing with her tongue out, it was a sign of excitement among the species. She held up her fists in a playful gesture, “Human champion Alan, will you play with me for a moment? I am strong and you are strong, unlike my soft sisters I will grow into a strong village mother.”

Alan held up his fist and threw a few play jabs,  even with her plush figure the dune-sister moved like wind. She never landed a solid blow but she manage to tap his temple three times with a clawed finger. They  when he managed to tap her throat, even if he wouldn’t admit it to the village, he knew how to kill the dune clan members by watching them fight.

“You got some moves, not a monk but I could probably get you some training so you can protect yourself even better. I’m Alan Grummel, freelance problem solver.” He licked out his tongue and placed a hand on her shoulder, she mirrored the greeting of the dune clan.

“I am Gale, daughter of Mother Hurricane.” She pointed to the large dune clan resting in the pool. “I would like to leave this village, please take me with you.”

Alan nodded, “I need someone to follow me, listen to my orders and be willing to use common sense.”

“As agreement with my clan, we are cared for and expected to spread the village or replace mother when she dies. I will not betray you, I cannot return once I leave without being executed.” She admitted with a shrug, “Will you take me?”

“Yeah. I’ll take you, I hope you like the jungle that our next place.” Alan said.

The paperwork to take Gale from the village was a nightmare, Alan probably signed enough scrolls to fill a barn. Vissar was beside him to explain the scrolls that weren’t written in the Free Traders  script. Alan finished  by night fall as he paid for a large carriage carried by the fastest strider lizards he could afford.

Vissar kept his gaze to his book, he would occasionally look at Gale then his pen would scribble new notes. Vissar nervously looked up at Alan who simply smiled, which made the reptilian male hiss and scribble harder.  Vissar finally gave up and shut the book, his attention drawn to the cooling crystal at the ceiling of the room.

“You’ll both have to forgive me but I didn’t ask before, Do you find each other attractive?” Alan broke the silence and Vissar looked like he wanted to escape.

“He is a tall male and quiet imposing, I want to bite and mate him. He smells of ink which is strange but the taste is nice on my tongue.” Gale answered while looking out the window at the black sands.

“I don’t want to answer that question, humans are known to kill and fight over mating rights. I would not want to make an enemy of my friend.” Vissar scratched at his scales nervously.

“What do you both think of human’s?” Alan said while wagging his eyebrows playful.

“I find them interesting, their bodies are more adaptable than ours. Their reproductive organs are external, they grow hair and they are very warm to the touch. You are my third human and I have found your company interesting enough that I want to see a human village to record it.” Vissar answered.

“I don’t know much about them, though I don’t know if I can have eggs with them.”Gale answered, “I will try my best, if I cannot then I would work to as a vassal to you.”

Alan pinched the bridge of his nose. “Well there goes my plan… This is going to be hard but considering your species honesty, I’ll try that.”

Alan placed a hand on each of their legs, his hand slid up until he was rubbing against both of reptiles cloaca. “I want both of you, I am an adventurer and I have a good amount of coin at my estate but there is something I’m missing.”

Alan’s fingers sank into the waiting folds of Gale while his fingers were pushed out by the budding erection of Vissar. Neither looked as if they wanted to rebuke him, they watched him passively as they bodies reacted more favorably. Alan took a moment to explore their anatomy.

“You are both free to refuse me and I won’t hold it against you. I want both of you.” Alan’s fingers worked skillfully as he tapped into his experience as a former sex slave. Gale hissed and bit at her claws while Vissar gently thrust into his hands.  Vissar’s green eyes and Gale’s golden ones regarded him with such confusion that he almost laughed.

“I would like this if I can enjoy the jungle lands of humans. I want to see new things and fi- fi-” Gale shuddered with a flap of her large wings and gasped, “I accept even without your fingers doing such good work.”

Vissar took a long and low hiss, his reptilian hands grabbed at the back of Alan’s head and pulled him close to his scaled chest. “Alan.I have read much on human’s and their devouring needs, I will not be a slave to your desires if you are not a slave to mine. We are equals, I will not change this but I would like to see your devotion.”

Alan watched as the Vissar moved the cloth covering his erection to the side, the large purple organ throbbed. From the tip of the organ to the base was ridged, Alan looked at Vissar as the reptile smiled in a very human expression.

“You are free to refuse if your devotion is lacking…” Vissar hissed pleasantly, the normally docile reptile held a predatory gleam to his green eyes. “I have heard that human mouth’s are some of the softest.”

Alan snorted and placed his mouth over the musky smelling reptilian shaft, his fingers were still sending Gale into shuddering gasps of pleasure as her tongue lolled out. Alan bobbed his head on the tip of the organ, the ridges tickled his throat as he hummed.

“I think I like this human.” Gale’s tongue lolled out as she hissed.

“Call him Alan, he likes that.” Visser placed his fingers on Alan’s head, “Leader Alan…”

Alan pulled his mouth from the shaft, “Make no mistake, when I’m done. I’ll be putting that tongue to use.” Alan slowly worked his way to the base, the ridges teased his throat as he bobbed his head.

By the time the carriage arrived, the trio dragged themselves out. Tired, sticky and content as they stood in the center of a sweltering jungle with a looming castle before them. The dune clan members stood in awe of the massive castle even as a few humans worked to patch up the holes in the wall.

“It’s a fixer upper but it’s my family home. We cleared out most of the demons, I think. Cultist nonsense.” Alan said walking ahead.





A Lewd Prompt from Lewd People. (NSFW PROMPT)

The prompt picture

The ones to blame? THIS GUY and THIS GAL!

The three mice crested the hill, their gazes and their experience with predators was limited to the local reptiles that threatened the warrens.  They were the winter trio, three white mice that worked as hunters for the smaller villagers, they were Blanc, Weiss, and Bleyy.   The creature curled up beneath them was covered in fiery orange fur, its ear had a distinctive black tip and its large tail was curled over its paws.

“So that the big monster we’ve been hearing about. Look at the size of ’em.” Blanc whispered.

Weiss drew his bow and aimed it at the large predator, He would wait for his comrades to give him the signal but his arrow was already tipped with his special poison.  Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Bleyy rushing down the side of the hill with his small daggers held out.

Blanc was the largest of the three and he normally took his position at the front of the foe, he hefted his sword over his and ran down the toward the furry monstrosity. Once he was in front of the monster, his momentum was drained in an instant. The side wall of dirt opposite of the monster was covered in partially eaten lizards, many of their skeletons large enough to double as a home.

“For Havenhold!” Blanc shouted, he leapt into the air and struck the furred beast between the eyes with a blow that would split a mouse in half.

“Reeeeerow!!!” The beast wailed before standing upright, it shook it’s head and glared down at Blanc.  “A mouse?”

Blanc nodded and held his sword up, Bleyy appeared from the shadows with his twin daggers gleaming.  He swiped at the large pillar-like limbs, he only managed to hit one before the beast launched itself in the air in a graceful flip.  Two arrows managed to scrape the orange thing on its belly and embed itself beneath its arm pit.

“You want to die by my claws? Fine, I’ll show you a cat’s fury.” The creature moved with grace unseen by any of the trio, it became a whirling demon of claws and whipping tails.

Blanc managed to used his sword to keep the blows from killing him but each swat left him aching and fatigued until he dropped his sword in favor of keeping his life. Bleyy jumped, daggers extended, from the shadows but the monster slapped him to the dirt and pined him there.

“I’ve got you.” The creature hissed and glared Blanc, “Call off the archer and you may get out of this alive.”

Weiss poked a nose out, “I mean… I don’t really care for Bleyy, that pink nosed bastard still owes me a new bow.”

“Nice to know you care,  At least your mother will pine for me.”Bleyy grumbled as the feline put pressure on his back. “Hey you fluffy bastard don’t put the squeeze on me. I’m not the one plugging you with arrows.”

“Hmph. Which one of you is the leader?” The creature spoke as its golden eyes drooped.

“I wouldn’t say there is a leader but I’m the voice of reason with those two.” Blanc huffed but stood his ground with his tiny paws curl into fists.

“Good. Then I’ll make this easy, I’ll trade this one for you.” The feline purred as its eyes drooped a little more, it other paw patted the dirt to beckon the mouse.

“What’s the stop you from killing him?” Blanc asked but still approached slowly, his posture was one of pure rodent readiness.  The feline drooped a bit before coughing slightly.

“Time’s up.” The cat moved like lightning, his teeth clamped over Blanc’s head before darting deeper into the woods. The orange blur limbs felt like a fire but he managed to climb into an old owls nest at the top of a tree. The feline spat the mouse inside of the tree as he squeeze the remainder of his bulk inside the tree.

Blanc shivered and rolled his paws over his fur, the smell of blood and cat breath made him shuddered as the cat stared down at him. Blanc knew when he was outclassed and his weapons were nowhere near him, he could do little other than stare back at the golden orbs regarding him.

“Well do I get a last supper or am I the last supper?” Blanc sat at the other side of the alcove.

“What poison is in my body?” The feline asked his head drooping slightly only to spring back up.

Blanc noticed the arrow still hanging out of the feline’s armpit, the blue shaft told him everything that he needed to know. “You won’t die but you are going to be out for a few hours, considering your size.. might be a few minutes.”

“Hmph you have to be the most annoying group of rats I’ve ever had the displeasure of encountering. Just my luck to get shipwrecked on this island.” The feline gripped the arrow with his teeth before pulling it out.

“What kind of monster are you?” Blanc asked, “You aren’t a spider, you aren’t a lizard and while you are almost as big as one… You aren’t an elder bunny.”

“I’m a cat. You know… meow?” He licked his claws for emphasis, the lack of fear in the mouse gaze surprised him. “Doesn’t matter,  I’m magical and I’ve decided that you are to be my servant till I have found a way off of this island.”

“I don’t believe in magic, Monster.” Blanc started to form an insulting remark but the massive form of the cat coiled around him, it’s paws gripping him tightly against its neck and head.

“We can talk tomorrow, I need a little nap. Do you have a name, little assassin?”


“Hmmmm…. That’s a nice name. I’m Cannelle.”

Cannelle curled tightly around Blanc, the large beast was covered in long fluffy fur that  made the Cannelle feel like a warm bed. Cannelle drifted off into sleep, even if he didn’t want to show it, fighting the mice after recovering from a shipwreck wore him out. Cannelle welcomed sleep, pleasant yet vivid dreams played with him through the night.

Blanc waited till the felines breathing settled to deep slumber, he tried to wiggle himself out of the hot bundle of the fur. Cannelle pulled Blanc even deeper, the mouse couldn’t see a thing in the forest of fiery orange fur. Blanc wondered if he could just wait him out and reason with the feline, heavy paws pressed him closer to Cannelle’s belly.

“Your fur is so soft, you’re pretty.”

Blanc froze at the slurred words, Cannelle gripped him tighter. The feeling of something sliding between his legs and across his stomach made him struggle to escape the cats grip. Cannelle was grinding his crotch against the warrior. Blanc movements became a silent struggle to escape the amorous attention of the feline, considering the side of what was sliding between his legs… He would be screwed, figuratively and literally, if Cannelle aim was a little more accurate.

The mouse struggled to escape but that only lead to the delirious feline grinding harder against his stomach. The smell of feline musk mixed with scratching barbs against his fur, Blanc didn’t resist but kept his tail low. Blanc silently prayed that his companions wouldn’t find him like this, he would never live this down. He could just hear Weiss jokes about him being a monster’s courtesan now.

“Mmmm….” Cannelle purred happily.

Blanc felt the warm fluid splatter against his stomach and muzzle, “Ugh…” He groaned smelling the strong sent of feline pleasure over his body. He couldn’t even clean himself as the large paws kept him pinned against Cannelle furry form. There was little more he could do but wait in the warm sticky darkness, Blanc tried to think of things as positive as possible.

“Well I’m alive, tired, hungry and covered in feline spunk. Maybe dying isn’t so-” Blanc yawned and closed his eyes. “I’ll ask him to eat me in the morning. Weiss and Bleyy better be making a plan to save me or I’m gonna haunt them.”

Blanc managed to fall asleep as the day wore on….


The sensation of something heavy thumping near Blanc head woke him up, the smell of fresh apple jelly and warm sweet-seed bread teased at his nose. Blanc opened his eyes and found Cannelle looming over bag of goods, in his mouth was a lizard tail. The large feline ate quietly but pushed the bag toward the side of the alcove.

“Good morning, I did a little scouting and I think I like you fuzzy bastards more than the lizards.” Cannelle tried to sound regal but he only managed to come off as shy.

“Good morning for you maybe, I want a bath and a stiff drink.” Blanc murmured weakly. “Do you remember last night?”

Cannelle nodded, “I was trying to sleep off the poison and keep you from escaping, you were surprisingly accommodating. I’ve never had a mouse forcefully um…. well… it felt good. It was so good I wanted to know about the strange mice that lived here, Weiss and Bleyy told me about your war with the lizards. So I made a deal with them.”

Blanc blanched, “Deal?”

“Unimportant. I wish to resume activities before I hunt more lizards.” Cannelle purred and leaned down to rub his head against Blanc’s body, the musk of his excitement wafting toward the mouse.

“That is not how I remember it.” Blanc said nervously, “We are both males and look at the size of you. I don’t thin-”

“Bleyy told me that you would play hard to get and told me that he would ask the village how to get you in the mood.” Cannelle purred and turned to face the outside of the tree, he turned to Blanc with a raise of his tail. “I am not a selfish lover, so indulge yourself as you please. I’ll be keeping watch.”


Blog Challenge 2 (Tyra Part 3)

Write a story including the following three elements: A stolen ring, fear of spiders, and a sinister stranger.

The ring stood before him on an onyx stone platform, the glowing ring began to hum slightly.  It’s guardian dusted the ring, the hooded figure clicked and chattered beneath its robes.  Spiders would occasionally climb out of the robes and  move into the rafters of the room, long strands of webbing crossed every area of the room.

‘Why did it have to be spiders.’ Peter thought as he stood at the entrance to the room, he braved the gauntlet of traps that led to this room. Peter rested against the stone wall as the metallic whir of the saw traps spun behind him.

The guardian moved to a hammock made of webbing, it held a scroll above its head as it read a text that filled with chattering laughter.  Hour passed before the being turned  over and slept, the smaller spiders wrapped the being in more webbing.  Peter doubted he would get another chance, he ran through the web and narrowly dodged a few hidden arrow traps.

Peter grabbed the ring as the guardian’s hand burst through the webbing, muffled screams of rage reached his ears even as he ran back the way he came. Jump. Duck. Slide. Peter dodged the saws in the hallway as the Guardian slapped a hand on the ground. The traps stopped and the Guardian ran after him.

Peter pulled the pin on his grenade and tossed it at the Guardian, the being caught the grenade in its hand.  Peter watched in horror as the creature placed both hands over the grenade, it exploded in its hand. The force tore the sleeve off of it’s robes and the creatures hands were charred at the palms.

“Give back the ring, fool. It will not end well for you.” The voice of the creature was masculine and deep, it slowly removed its robes revealing itself as a large misshapen spider with eight limbs ending in human hands. It’s head was that of a spider wearing a hat to resemble a human head.

“Finders Keepers.” Peter said before tossing another grenade at his foe, he turned the corner before the brilliant light disoriented stalker.

Peter made his way to entrance, the shimmering blue gate that lead to safety was still up and active. Peter put the ring on his finger before leaping through the gate, the ring howled wildly before  his body distorted in the plane between dimensions. The ring was an artifact of extreme  power and he pulled it into rift with no magical security. The ring shattered and a luminous being made of black sound and silent colors appeared.

“So you broke my containment… You truly are a fool. I guess I’ll have to start over again. Peter, you will be my agent in the new world. You have killed both of our planes from summoning  me prematurely.” The being plucked feathers from its body and revealed that both planes were being covered in a black wave of consuming liquid, billions were consumed within a few heartbeats.

Peter watched in horror as his own home reality was consumed in the vision. Peter screamed, cried and begged the other entity to spare them, he didn’t know what he did to deserve a genocide. The being’s darkness consolidated into a tried looking old woman with the body of a crow.

“Well if it’s any consolation, they aren’t dead but two more worlds are apart of my being. It will take me a while to get them situated within my being. In that time, I will make use of you to find another nexus.”

“I’m not going to do shit… I can’t anyway, if you haven’t noticed we are in the stream between realities because of you.” Peter pointed to the glowing purple streams in the inky blackness that whipped pass them.

“I didn’t exactly shatter a worlds anchor point and you seem to be of the mindset that you have a choice in the matter. I can leave between the realities and where I go… So do the souls of everyone that you ever loved. If you die now you will scatter into the multiverse winds, your heaven, your hell and your minor gods are all swimming around my being.  I will need you to set another anchor point before I can begin reforming them, Go… I will place you in a favorable position.” The bird woman spoke.

Peter was falling, he felt the air on his back. He also felt the pain as he went through a wooden roof and landed in a derelict church. Peter  blinked his eyes and found himself staring at a large canine-like face, large horns jutted from the females head as she looked at him.

“Uhhh…. Hello.” Peter managed weakly as he reached black feathered armed out to pet the large dog-thing. “You a handsome monster that isn’t going to eat me, right fella?”

“I’m a woman but no I’m not going to hurt you. I really hope you are the answer to my prayers. I am Tyra Stonesire.” The female grunted and looked at the bright ring on  Peter’s fingers, she could feel the clawing magic searching her.

“Miss, I’m the answer to no ones prayers. I am an envoy of Avayin Mother of Moons.” Peter blinked as the words came out of his mouth. “My name is Peter, Envoy of the Mother of Moons, she has sent me to aid you in your travels. The price of her service is Orb of Delius and whatever I request along the way.”

Peter felt the presence of Avayin leave him as he stood up, the feathers pulled into his skin and he became his normal human self. Bowing before him was the monstrous female, Peter smiled at the thought of having a henchman.

“So, what did you call me down for?” Peter asked his hand reaching down to pull her up by the horns. “I doubt a big woman like you needs any muscle.”

“I need to find the library of Athrus and learn of my ancestry, I don’t know much about moon dragons and…”  She wave a hand over her face and furred body. “I’m built like a brick house and look like a cow. I want to know about my mother’s side of the family.”

Peter nodded, “Well it seems like  I’m here to help you till I get that Orb. The future awaits my large partner in crime, so where can we find booze, women and money?”

“No clue, I never been in a human town. Many because they prefer to shoot at me or try to set me on fire or something to that effect.” Tyra said before standing to her full height, she scratched under her chin with a smile. “Though you are human, you could tell them I’m not dangerous.”

“Worth a shot, Fluffbuns.” Peter said and gave the massive were-creature slap on the rump.

Tyra picked him up with a single  before placing him on her shoulders, “Hold my horns, I’m gonna run. ”

“O-” Peter had to hold on for dear life as the were creature speed out of the church and down the mountain, she was heading directly for a small town at the speed of a race car.


Prompts 6/3/2018

Prompt 1:”We need you again.”
“We need you again.”The voice was cold, direct and commanding, the line went dead only moments after.

“Aand I was just having a bit of fun.”  Gabriel said to the completely flayed woman, or was it man, before him. He watched as the human’s skin slowly regrew, the look of extract on the human filled him with joy.

“Well, my loyal little plaything. I got work to do, which means you have to go make yourself useful elsewhere.” Gabriel gave a kiss to the human’s forehead before leaving  his home. The streets were filled with human’s playing and frolicking in the pleasure district.

Gabriel made his way to the edge of the pleasure district and found the problem.  He stood amused at the little creature poking a sharpened bone against the dome, Gabriel squatted till he was eye level with the pink snarling creature.

“You want to come in little forsaken one?” Gabriel smiled as the creature grew eyes to gaze upon him.

“You have treasure and humans. Give them to me.” The abomination  roared, “You can’t keep them away from me. I will have them and I will own them.”

Gabriel placed his hands against the barrier and opened it just enough for creature to squeeze through. “Well far be it from me to say that heaven isn’t accommodating.  I, Gabriel the second, welcome you to the pleasure district of Heaven. Drink your fill and enjoy as much humanity as you like.”

The creature expanded into towering being of muscle and rage, long horns jutted out as it dashed toward a human reading a book. Ichor drooled from the creature mouth as it barreled down on it’s unsuspecting target. The human looked up at the face of the hungry creature… and smiled.

The motion was too quick for the creature to even react, the man reached out and tore it’s horn from it head with the ease of picking a blade of grass. The creature squealed but the human was already on top of him,  a smile of pleasure crossed the human’s face as he wrestled the demon into submission.  Gabriel clapped his hands as he approached.

“What should we do with this one?” The human asked while systematically dislocating the demon’s arms, all six of them.

“God gave you dominion over me. I’m just a glorified tour guide, and he didn’t ask me why the barrier is even there. I could have told him that it was to keep human’s in but he did come here for treasure and humans so I think you should oblige our guest.” Gabriel said with a coy smirk.

“Well this is the pleasure district, I think we could break him in. It’s been a while since we had a toy that could feel pain.”

“Shall I fetch the stockade and the others?” Gabriel asked but he was already moving toward the living quarters, it was always so amusing to see what perfect human’s could do to demons.

“They are so creative.” Gabriel said wistfully while  attending to his duties.

Prompt 2: “For the past year, you’ve been stranded alone on a desert island…or so you thought. Yesterday, you found out you were not alone. What happened? And more importantly: What’s your next move?”

“Day three and no plane it sight. It will be fun, Jerry said. I know how to fly plane  Jerry said but where is Jerry?” Tom growled and kicked the corpse of his friend in the face. “A fucking corpse who didn’t even put on a seat belt.”

“I hope you are happy you drunk son of a bitch.” Tom rolled his eyes and started to roam the island, even if he got rescued he would probably end up dead within a week with the amount of coke that was still in the plane wreckage. “It’s not even my drugs but fuck me, right Jerry?”

Tom wandered  back to the other side  of the island, as far as he could tell the island was only six miles across but over ten miles long. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to go any further,  he made it to his camp by the time noon had arrived. The simple tent made of tarp and rope kept his supplies dry for the most part, only… his supplies were currently outside of the tent.

“Oh man… Oh man….” He groaned hoping that some wildlife didn’t eat all of his food or make off with his steel wool. That was the only way he had been able to make a campfire, he was a smart camper and not a strong one.

Tom noticed that all of his gear was neatly arranged outside of his tent, There was a gutted boar on a preset spit roast and few coconuts. The thing that really bother Tom was the amulet hanging on his spare machete, The amulet was made of a stone that was in the shape of a silver tooth.

“Well If they wanted me dead, I would already have a spear in me. I’m really really hoping this is a good will gesture.” Tom said aloud and kept looking around, he put the necklace on before cooking the pig.  The entire time, he rotated the pig over the spit his attention was on the foot prints in the sand.  They were large, much larger than a human but with the shape of a large bear.

“Well if Yogi want to feed me, who am I to complain?”

Hours passed, Tom placed his gear back into the makeshift tent, he stuffed his sleeping bag to give off the appearance of a sleeping body before climbing a tree just out of sight. He kept as still and silent as possible through the night, his eyes focused on the camp. The wood from his meal was just low enough that he could see but not so bright that he would be exposed to his new neighbor on the island.

The bushes shuffled as a large lumbering form stepped into view, the creature was covered in thick fluffy hair on it’s torso. It’s arms were large leathery flaps of skin that ending in claws, large ears dotted the top of it’s head.  The bat-like thing, kicked sand over the fire, the darkness blanketed the area on the moonless night. The sounds of Toms things being moved around was the only sign that the creature was close.

‘Do not hide.’

Tom immediately dropped from the tree at the soundless voice, it scared him enough that he gave away his position. He immediately turned and ran into the woods, he used his hands to try to guide  himself but the creature was gaining on him. The powerful wing beats came closer and closer until he tripped. Tom’s body tumbled on the dirt, he came to a stop on his belly.

The creature landed on him and leaned down, it’s breath smelled of sour fruit and the sea. It sniffed at him while it’s claws danced over his skin, the creature pulled back  but remained close.

‘You smell good. Did you enjoy the pig?’ The creature said while watching Tom intently, even if he couldn’t see the creature it’s presence felt heavy.

“D-D-Don’t hurt me. I don’t want to be a vampire.”

The creature release a series of small clicks, It reached out and placed a claw over Tom shoulder. The creatures eyes began to glow as Tom whimpered, the bright red glow illuminated the forest in a violent red. Tom’s body began to shudder as his skull split open, the bat-thing screamed and he screamed.  Tom couldn’t focus as his arms split open in a shower of gore and everything faded.

The searing pain ended after what felt like eternity, Tom opened his eyes to a bright ray of sunlight hitting him in the eye. Tom slowly sat up and raised a claw to his mouth to cover a yawn. He scratched his breast  and ambled out of the small hut to see a large bat-thing reading his book. Tom looked down at the deep brown fur and leathery wings that made up his form, he screamed and promptly gave himself a headache.

‘You should rest more, lover.’ The bat-thing pushed the thoughts at him.



adorable animal breed canine

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Hark!  I see you looking at my little pups(Stories) and you wonder what sort of person writes these snippets.

I am a kennel-master, or not, well, hmmmm.

Let’s try this again, I’m a writer. I don’t really know what to say about myself other than I enjoy creating fiction. I love fantasy and I make it a point to write every day on something. I don’t really know what else to say other than I’m working on a novel about a world filled with talking pigs, bus sized millipedes and other strange wonders with a mix of magic in it.

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Interviews Beyond the Veil One : Mother of Maggots.

The first of the great kings living beyond the Veil, The  Mother of Maggot’s is the first to establish contact with our reality. She manifested in the basement of a Florida Home, much to the dismay of the elderly owners. After   much panicking far more liberal application of police gunfire, MoM was brought to our studio as we were the only human’s that she would talk to.

My name is Brian Robertson and I’m being forced against my will into a room with monster and my own protection is that she ‘promised’ not to hurt me. Thank you, G-men, I’m glad to see you put my personal safety at some level of importance. Strong arms shove me into the studio normally used for crowd shots. The door slams behind me and I’m left in the brightly lit room.

“Greetings, Prophet.” The undulating worm flesh before me spoke as it shifted,  pale flesh uncoiled revealing a humanoid body connected to the large maggot like body.

I stood there gazing at the thing that only day before was flipping over police cars and causing human’s to mutate into what could only be described as ‘flesh chairs’. The humanoid half had three eyes, two pink eyes in the normal position while a pale-green eye rested where a forehead should be. She smiled revealing a mouthful of teeth that better resembled a lamprey or a leech.

“I’m not a prophet, I’m a reporter. You asked for me by name?” I said trying my best not to shit myself in free as she leaned close to me, she inspected me with all three eyes.

“I did, Prophet, I did. Did you not feel my call?” The horror blinked as if she was struck.

“No, Where do you come from?” I said asking a question, I might as well get this over with before I get turned into a chair.

“I can’t really pronounce it in a way you would understand.”

“Well I got questions to ask otherwise I’m going to get shot by Uncle Sam’s goon squad. So if you’ll help me out?” I said exasperatedly, her gaze was searching… Curious of me as if I was the weird thing here.

“☝︎♏︎♒︎♏︎■︎■︎♋︎📪︎ ◻︎❒︎□︎◻︎♒︎♏︎⧫︎📬︎” She didn’t so much speak the words, as I felt my mind scramble to make sense of the force that hit me.

“My turn! Will you worship me?”

“No, I’m not even religious and if I was you aren’t my idea of a God.” I sighed, I was expecting something more threatening but MoM was more like a confused Valley Girl than a horror beyond the veil.

“Oh Hmmmmm….. Alright! I’ll do something God-like.Give me the name of someone you don’t like.” She said while cleaning the dirt off of her large

“I don’t like where this is going, I’m not going to let you kill anyone else.” I decide that I’m going to get nowhere where asking the question the G-men told me to ask. I figure I’m gonna get murdered by the abomination with the leech face or shot by the G-men when this is over. So fuck it.

I stroll over to the monster and touch her flesh, It’s warm and squishy like a water balloon left out in the sun. She didn’t react to my sudden poking, she just watched patiently as if I was some sort of animal she didn’t want to scare away. I sighed and pulled out a cigarette,  I was trying to quit but shit like this warranted a smoke.

“Don’t smoke.”

“Sorry monster-lady but you aren’t taking my only joy in this shitty situation. I’ll smoke away from you.”

I made it three steps before I felt a burning pain in my back, she stabbed me with a single finger as if I was made out of paper. The finger ended in a claw tip, with my lungs on the end of it. I pissed myself in fear, I have covered life and death situations in the past but none of them ended in my ribcage decorating the floor while my lung dripped on the end of her finger.

Everything went out like light

I awoke screaming like a scared child, my first sight was the calm face of the monster staring down at me. She was cradling me in her arms, her body was no longer as gigantic as before, she was still as long as a fuel truck.

“Welcome back, I didn’t mean to kill you but I brought you back after cleaning your lungs. Wanna be my prophet now?”

I don’t say a word but wriggle my way out of her grasp, I ran to the door like she was chasing me. I tear the door off the hinges with little effort, I bowl through the two G-men while running out of the studio. Nothing was going to stop me, I wanted to be as far from that thing as humanly possible. It was dark by the time I felt like I needed to stop, I don’t even know how I ran to my house without dying of exhaustion.

I opened the door and found a G-man, at least I hope he was a G-man, unconscious against the wall. A goat-headed woman rummaged through my refrigerator, she pulled a can of soda before she noticed me.

“Oh… You are still fully human. Well not for long.” She caught herself before scratching her chin, “I’m originally a human and like you, I’m a Prophet. I’ve been sent here to keep you safe from those guys.”

She flicked a thumb in the direction of government agent, “Care if I crash the night, I’ll answer any questions I can but my master can only manifest in the day so I can’t get back to Oklahoma instantly. I’m Jenny, Prophet of Dancing Goat Yusis, pleased to meet you.”

“Giant maggot women, goat women, and the government. I don’t think this can get any worse.”

Jenny smiled, a very unnerving sight with the goat head, “Wait till you start growing or losing things. Better hope you don’t turn into something that can’t move.”

A Tale of Tyra Stonesire (Part 2)

Tyra yawned as she sat on a large rock over looking a large amount of human dwellings. Tyra wanted to go down in play with the human’s but the pack didn’t want her scaring them. The alpha of the pack, Harry, made her feel welcome even though she didn’t join them on hunts. She wasn’t sure why but he didn’t want to teach her to hunt prey, even thought she didn’t eat much meat she felt like she should help.

“Tyra.” The gruff voice of the Alpha boomed behind her, she immediately rolled to her back and exposed her belly. She was the lowest ranking member of the pack and it didn’t bother her to show it. He simply picked up a large book he had been carrying and lightly brought it down on her stomach fur.

“Stop that, I just wanted to talk. Packmate to packmate.” Harry grunted, even in his human form he was a large and imposing man.

“You are an alpha.”

“Yeah and times are getting lean. The twins are getting to the size that splitting a deer isn’t going to do much other than end in a fight. I don’t have much left to teach them other than hunting humans, I think the pack is getting a little large. Once this is done I think I know where some Stonesire packs are still kicking around, I can’t wait to see their faces when they see you.” Harry rubbed his salt and pepper beard, even though he aged slower than normal human’s Harry was ancient by werewolf standards.

“I see. Will you need me to come along?” Tyra asked her hands balled up to into fists from her excitement. She had traveled with Harry’s pack for almost twenty years, she was still puppy in their eyes but she wanted to prove herself.

“I want you to read the book, I found it on some raiders a while back. I thought it might help you and Zalso says you’ve gotten a full grasp on reading and writing. Think of it as a test before I take you on as my personal beta.” Harry said handing her the thick tome.

“I’m a werewolf, why do you keep putting me to the side? You told me how important the Stonesires were during the great clans wars. Why are you treating me like I’m a burden?” Tyra screamed at the top of her lungs.

Zalso and the other packmates immediately padded up, some of them were in their wolf form. Their claws still slick with blood from a cow they managed to take from a farm… along with the farmer.  Zalso rubbed her black fur, she was the lowest rank until Tyra was taken in the pack.

“You aren’t a burden, I’m the one who suggested that you stay behind and read that book. It’s a book on dragons, we don’t know anything about your mother and…” Zalso turned to face the town.

Every one could smell it, someone injured had been brought into town. The smell of blood piss and infection, even the kindest werewolf will react to weakened prey in the such a manner.

“We are going tonight, we will break up in teams. The larger group will be Zalso, the twins and all others while I take on the small town with a couple of the new kids. When the guard start to lose their minds over our pack, break up and head back to the town. I should have everyone rounded up.” Harry said somberly, “After we fill our belly, it’s gonna be time to make smaller packs. We’ve gotten way to big to manage without attracting bigger enemies.”

The pack broke off and went to their assigned areas, only Harry and Tyra remained.

“Sit here and read , right?”

“That’s right, if I catch you following or smell your scent. I’m gonna to slam your horns so hard in the dirt that people will think I planted a cow tree.”

“I’m not a cow.” Tyra growled, her fur raising to meet the challenge.

“No but you are not a werewolf fully, so wait here till I handle this and finish that book. I’d like to hear what you learned.” Harry smiled before walking down the overlook  to the town.

Tyra found herself getting lost into thick book, the smell of the book reminded her  of the smell of burnt wood. She spent nearly as much time smelled the comforting scent of the book as reading the lore on moon dragons. The book was more fairy tales than anything concrete but the story was compelling enough that she didn’t realize the sky was darkening.

A brilliant pillar of sparking light hovered over the town, Tyra eyes darkened. She could feel a power coming from the town unlike any that she had felt before. The power was oppressive and malevolent, Tyra roared in fear and anger. This power was arranged against her, she didn’t understand why but she had to stop who ever was summoning the lightening strikes.

Tyra ran toward the village, something was wrong. The strange weather did little to calm her nerves as she stopped in the tree line. She could see the mountainous body of Harry, a young human standing over him with his weapon caked in blood.  She silently took in the sight before her, the scarred, charred and partially frozen body of the werewolf that had raised her lay sprawled out like some kind of trophy.

She gritted her teeth hard enough that she could taste her own blood, the human smelled of her pack. She could even gauge the minute smell of urine soaked fur, one of her pack died in fear. She understood that fear, even as weak as the human looked with his sparking blade there was no doubt she would die if she challenged him. One of the human called his name, R

The humans eventually darted off in a hurry. Tyra  made her way toward the body, flies were already buzzing around corpse in a frantic hunger. Tyra allowed her tears to fall freely while crying out with her power, every pained screamed drew the attention of bears, wolves, foxes and other predators.  She wiped her face even as her first companion landed beside her, a fruit bat large enough to be mistaken for a wyvern.

“I’ve lost another family member. I don’t want anyone toy with his body, take care of it. Please.” Tyra tried to keep her face straight, she couldn’t hide the sobs between her words as the animals tore into Harry’s flesh.

“What will you do now?” The bat spoke, his massive wings spreading to circle around Tyra.

Tyra said nothing and pressed her muzzle into the bat’s stomach, she screamed her frustration and bawled even as the few surviving villagers watched from their windows.  Tyra finished her crying as she wiped the tears from her eyes and the snot from her nose.

“Are you going to fight the half-human that did this, my Animus?” The bat inquired his head tilted to hear her answer.

“What am I going to do, toss a forest full of animals at him? I’d end up like Harry. What would you do, Yeeva?” Tyra said, the sounds of the beast feeding on her adoptive father made her sick.

“I think it’s time you spent time among your dragon kin or the humans. Harry’s killer used magic that made him look like a dragon, you don’t have that kinda magic. Heck even though your magic has managed to make me into this, I still don’t know what you are doing to me.” Yeeva gave series of high pitched clicks, he was laughing at the situation.

Tyra stepped away from the giant bat, she placed her muzzle low to the earth and smelled the scent of leather, steel and sweat. If she wouldn’t fight the dragonkin, she would learn his secrets and possibly the secrets of her own hybrid heritage.