A Tale of Tyra Stonesire (Part 2)

Tyra yawned as she sat on a large rock over looking a large amount of human dwellings. Tyra wanted to go down in play with the human’s but the pack didn’t want her scaring them. The alpha of the pack, Harry, made her feel welcome even though she didn’t join them on hunts. She wasn’t sure why but he didn’t want to teach her to hunt prey, even thought she didn’t eat much meat she felt like she should help.

“Tyra.” The gruff voice of the Alpha boomed behind her, she immediately rolled to her back and exposed her belly. She was the lowest ranking member of the pack and it didn’t bother her to show it. He simply picked up a large book he had been carrying and lightly brought it down on her stomach fur.

“Stop that, I just wanted to talk. Packmate to packmate.” Harry grunted, even in his human form he was a large and imposing man.

“You are an alpha.”

“Yeah and times are getting lean. The twins are getting to the size that splitting a deer isn’t going to do much other than end in a fight. I don’t have much left to teach them other than hunting humans, I think the pack is getting a little large. Once this is done I think I know where some Stonesire packs are still kicking around, I can’t wait to see their faces when they see you.” Harry rubbed his salt and pepper beard, even though he aged slower than normal human’s Harry was ancient by werewolf standards.

“I see. Will you need me to come along?” Tyra asked her hands balled up to into fists from her excitement. She had traveled with Harry’s pack for almost twenty years, she was still puppy in their eyes but she wanted to prove herself.

“I want you to read the book, I found it on some raiders a while back. I thought it might help you and Zalso says you’ve gotten a full grasp on reading and writing. Think of it as a test before I take you on as my personal beta.” Harry said handing her the thick tome.

“I’m a werewolf, why do you keep putting me to the side? You told me how important the Stonesires were during the great clans wars. Why are you treating me like I’m a burden?” Tyra screamed at the top of her lungs.

Zalso and the other packmates immediately padded up, some of them were in their wolf form. Their claws still slick with blood from a cow they managed to take from a farm… along with the farmer.  Zalso rubbed her black fur, she was the lowest rank until Tyra was taken in the pack.

“You aren’t a burden, I’m the one who suggested that you stay behind and read that book. It’s a book on dragons, we don’t know anything about your mother and…” Zalso turned to face the town.

Every one could smell it, someone injured had been brought into town. The smell of blood piss and infection, even the kindest werewolf will react to weakened prey in the such a manner.

“We are going tonight, we will break up in teams. The larger group will be Zalso, the twins and all others while I take on the small town with a couple of the new kids. When the guard start to lose their minds over our pack, break up and head back to the town. I should have everyone rounded up.” Harry said somberly, “After we fill our belly, it’s gonna be time to make smaller packs. We’ve gotten way to big to manage without attracting bigger enemies.”

The pack broke off and went to their assigned areas, only Harry and Tyra remained.

“Sit here and read , right?”

“That’s right, if I catch you following or smell your scent. I’m gonna to slam your horns so hard in the dirt that people will think I planted a cow tree.”

“I’m not a cow.” Tyra growled, her fur raising to meet the challenge.

“No but you are not a werewolf fully, so wait here till I handle this and finish that book. I’d like to hear what you learned.” Harry smiled before walking down the overlook  to the town.

Tyra found herself getting lost into thick book, the smell of the book reminded her  of the smell of burnt wood. She spent nearly as much time smelled the comforting scent of the book as reading the lore on moon dragons. The book was more fairy tales than anything concrete but the story was compelling enough that she didn’t realize the sky was darkening.

A brilliant pillar of sparking light hovered over the town, Tyra eyes darkened. She could feel a power coming from the town unlike any that she had felt before. The power was oppressive and malevolent, Tyra roared in fear and anger. This power was arranged against her, she didn’t understand why but she had to stop who ever was summoning the lightening strikes.

Tyra ran toward the village, something was wrong. The strange weather did little to calm her nerves as she stopped in the tree line. She could see the mountainous body of Harry, a young human standing over him with his weapon caked in blood.  She silently took in the sight before her, the scarred, charred and partially frozen body of the werewolf that had raised her lay sprawled out like some kind of trophy.

She gritted her teeth hard enough that she could taste her own blood, the human smelled of her pack. She could even gauge the minute smell of urine soaked fur, one of her pack died in fear. She understood that fear, even as weak as the human looked with his sparking blade there was no doubt she would die if she challenged him. One of the human called his name, R

The humans eventually darted off in a hurry. Tyra  made her way toward the body, flies were already buzzing around corpse in a frantic hunger. Tyra allowed her tears to fall freely while crying out with her power, every pained screamed drew the attention of bears, wolves, foxes and other predators.  She wiped her face even as her first companion landed beside her, a fruit bat large enough to be mistaken for a wyvern.

“I’ve lost another family member. I don’t want anyone toy with his body, take care of it. Please.” Tyra tried to keep her face straight, she couldn’t hide the sobs between her words as the animals tore into Harry’s flesh.

“What will you do now?” The bat spoke, his massive wings spreading to circle around Tyra.

Tyra said nothing and pressed her muzzle into the bat’s stomach, she screamed her frustration and bawled even as the few surviving villagers watched from their windows.  Tyra finished her crying as she wiped the tears from her eyes and the snot from her nose.

“Are you going to fight the half-human that did this, my Animus?” The bat inquired his head tilted to hear her answer.

“What am I going to do, toss a forest full of animals at him? I’d end up like Harry. What would you do, Yeeva?” Tyra said, the sounds of the beast feeding on her adoptive father made her sick.

“I think it’s time you spent time among your dragon kin or the humans. Harry’s killer used magic that made him look like a dragon, you don’t have that kinda magic. Heck even though your magic has managed to make me into this, I still don’t know what you are doing to me.” Yeeva gave series of high pitched clicks, he was laughing at the situation.

Tyra stepped away from the giant bat, she placed her muzzle low to the earth and smelled the scent of leather, steel and sweat. If she wouldn’t fight the dragonkin, she would learn his secrets and possibly the secrets of her own hybrid heritage.



The Tale of Tyra Stonesire

Chapter one


The rocks felt as heavy as ever, Mira held her clawed hands protectively over the single egg. The egg was the size of the large carriage and contained the only proof of her forbidden love. She smiled at the thought of the human who defied both dragon  and human tribes to be with her.

“I can’t speak much for your father but I’m really hoping that you take more after me than you do him. I’d rather not have you howling at the moon like some kind of loon.” Mira chuckled, the motion making the rocks around her clench tighter.

The egg cracked slowly, Mira moved her enormous claws away from the large egg. A form covered in clear liquid claw it way out of the massive egg, it was covered in a white fur that matched her scales. Brown spots dotted its form, small white horns  crowned it’s canine like muzzle.

“My daughter looks like a cow.” Mira chuckled while stroking a claw over her newborns head. The hybrid immediately latched on her finger with surprising strength, she clung tightly and wagged her bushy tail.

“If only your father could see you, he would brag so much about your appearance. ‘Hur hur hur dragon blood isn’t that strong, my daughter chose the best bloodline’ or some other nonsense.” Mira rolled her eyes and she plucked a few large bats from the cieling of the cave along side the mushrooms  that grew in the cave.

“Now what do you eat, Tyra? The daughter of a lycanthrope and a moon dragon.” Mira watched her daughter carefully as the youth  picked up one of the bats and the mushrooms.

The bats screech and struggled as Tyra stared with her red pupil-less eyes, she screeched back at the bat. There was pulse of energy between the two before the bat flew away, Mira shot the child a questioning look as  her daughter took sniff of the mushroom.  Mira look of questioning became one of confusion as Tyra put the Mushroom on her horns and ran around the cave barking.

“You are your father child. Absolutely.” Mira remarked and placed her massive head close to her daughter. “Dragonkin are often far more powerful than their parents but those are usually pairings of human and dragon. You are something unique even among those creatures.”

Tyra stopped her playing to regard her mother, the massive dragon was sealed into the stone around her. Tyra took in her surroundings, the smell of blood was strong  almost suffocating but that was nothing compare to sight that was revealed by the small lines of light leading to the surface.  Cracked open eggs littered the floor, skeletons and shriveled up dragonkin dotted the floor. Blocking the exit was a massive brown furred creature, its hands were embedded in the rock but its face was a gentle smile.

“Tyson Stonesire and Mira Stonesire, we loved you and all of your siblings but we could only save you. Sweet daughter, do not weep for us and do not take on our burden.”

Tyra watched in confused horror as the white dragon pulled itself from the rock, blood and gore trailed the upper half of the dragon as she crawled to the other side of the room. Her last moments she embraced the werewolf before they both vanished in the light her her magic,  the only evidence of their existence was glowing amulet in the shape of dragon scale. Tyra picked up the amulet, it was a warmth to the touch and it smelled like her mom.