Ego’s Blog Challenge – Our Goals


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I don’t really know what my goals are other than to write. I need to write, I need to write. I’m one of those kinds of people that wrap my identity in my function like many men.

I am not Kennel Master.

I am not a person.

I am a function of my own choice. Thus I am a writer.

I have a blog because I thought it would be a way to connect to my fellow writers. I’m doing a poor job of it, If anything I’ve become far more distant. I’m starting to wonder if I’m wrong about how I’ve been handling writing. I want it to be social I want it to be a connection but at the end of the day I can’t really engage with my fellow writers as much or how I would like.

I want to write. In five years, I want people to give me money regularly because they love the stories I weave for them. In ten years, I want to write a story that I can feel content with sharing as a physical book.

I’ve gotten to the point that I’m looking at my weakness as a writer and a person. I’m mentally isolated and while I’m independent in my day to day living. I like comrades in shared interest.

2020. This is the year I set myself, If I don’t see progress I’ll find other interests because I failed at this one. I will put everything into this even if it means driving away people.

I’m tired but I’m going to keep going. I’m no one else but a writer so I wanna bring a few more smiles or erections to people while I figure this shit out.



Ego’s Blog Challenge #3


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There is a bit of madness in thinking of giving advice to your younger self because we can’t exactly go back.  It’s still a fun bit of play when you preform it because you usually end up inspiring others who are younger than you.

The truest advice I can give to writers and to my past self is : Get over yourself.

Across the board I have met so many writers that work hard to find reasons they can’t write. The reasons run from : I’m tired, I’m sad, I’m just not in the mood, my muse isn’t paying attention, I have writers block.

Since I am polite in person it’s rare that I say the kinda things I’m going to say here so prepare yourself for a lot of swearing.

I’m tired :

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I hate hearing this because this isn’t followed by the person getting some rest. This is followed by someone kicking on a video game or TV for 1-10 hours. This really translates to I’m done giving effort for today and I need to not sound like I’m lazy. Fuck that, you are weak and you are wasting my time. Go the fuck to sleep or just say you don’t wanna write right now. Writing isn’t exactly calorie intensive.


I’m sad/I’m just not in the mood:

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See that crying baby in the picture, this is what I imagine when someone tell me they are too sad or down to write. You fall into one of two categories to me. One: you must be a really flat writer. You have a lot of emotion and you have trouble writing? This is a great time to write negative emotions in your story, this is the perfect time to write about loss and confusion in your story. Two: You are giving excuses. Stop that. Unless your sadness is about broken fingers then you can still write.

my muse isn’t paying attention, I have writers block:

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Unless you are being visited by a magical being tossing plots at you. Shut the fuck up, not only do you sound lazy but you sound pretentious as hell. Could you imagine if other careers or jobs did this? “Sorry boss, I can’t cool down the power plant. I’m just not inspired to work.” “Yes I know your store got robbed but I’ve got law enforcement block.”  You don’t need a muse any more than honestly meeting people, if people took time to interact to with others and travel all the muse in the world would be yours. Writer’s block is not a real thing, you can get into ruts and you can get a bit stuck but long periods of not writing is a choice not a conditions.


So my advice for old me? Shut up, suit up, and write.