Blog Challenge Two

Prompt #2: Make a list of five things you’re afraid of happening to you. Then write a story in which one of them happens to your character.

  1. [Hella redacted]
  2. [Mega Redacted]
  3. [Holy Super Ghost Dragon Redacted]
  4. [Redacted]
  5. Learning my purpose after I’m dead.


I’m picking number five.



There are those that say they want to die surrounded by loved ones and in the comfort of their own bed. I say piss on them! I. Eldarn, wanted to die with my claws digging into a human’s neck and my snout covered in the blood of their children. I didn’t expect to die like this thought, my own brothers placed the noose around my neck.

I could only see the sight of my children staring on in horror as the humans look on in almost gleeful excitement. I can’t blame them though, I’ve done far worse to their kind for fun. The rope was getting tighter as my own soldiers hoisted me up, a muffled choke is all that escapes my lips as I’m hosted over the battlement. I don’t curse my soldiers for what they are doing to me, if I don’t die then it will be everyone who dies.

It starts to happen, the pain of a brain starved of oxygen. My vision faded quickly as my body tried to gulp any source of air, the pain was far worse than I could have imagined. It was like my lungs were burning as my skull was being bashed in by the night widow herself. Darkness overtook me as the pain went away to nothingness, not that sort of ghostly nothing. Nothingness with a capital letter, I couldn’t feel anything not pain, not pleasure, not even the festering burn from the rotted tooth I got during the war.

I don’t know how much time passed in that state but it ended when landed unceremoniously in a room. I immediately took in a lungful of air, my revival didn’t do much for the pain of what caused my death. Rope burns aren’t the best feeling to grace a sudden return to the land of the living. Across from me was a human, she was pulling blades out of her chest. She towered over me like many human’s did but her gaze locked on me.

“I guess this is hell. I know heaven wouldn’t have any of your kind here. Monster.” She glared as the final knife clattered to the floor.

I wheeze out a response but my throat was still healing, I turn away from her and notice the beautiful artwork adorning the walls. The portrait was of something I recognized immediately, It was the Vassalr lake. A place that was sacred among my kind, those who reach adulthood are allowed to peer into the lake and see the color of our future.

“I’m sure that you’ve probably seen that lake in person, Monster. That lake is such a terrible place, I drew that picture when I was still stupid enough to believe that your kind were good people.”

I growled and flex my claws, “Watch your mouth vermin, I should tear out your eyes for even seeing such a place. Though the picture… the picture takes me back, I remember gazing into the lake and seeing red. I would be a warrior, I would kill many for my people.”

“I gaze into it and I saw white butterflies.” She said shrugging her shoulders, “I used the shifting water to paint this picture, I took an arrow in the shoulder for my troubles but I managed to finish.”

I heard rumors about the event, I was even sent to kill this human. “For a human you racked up an amazing body count, you killed so many of my people. You disregard for our sacred place lead to my rise to power, we burned entire villages looking for you.”

“I know, those knives came from your kin. The finally managed to get revenge for what I did to old Eldarn. Your general was so caught up in his war, he didn’t take the time to wonder why his people went from murdering human’s to capturing them to taking them as war brides.” The woman smiled while drawing her attention to a bone flute.

“My betrayal wasn’t much of a surprise, I wasn’t cut out to be a leader but I was a good warrior.” I rubbed my snout in thought as she picked up the flute, I ignored her as I continued. The isolation of death made me far more talkative than I was in life, even if my company was less than stellar.

“If it wasn’t for your idiocy, neither of us would have had to die.” I grunted tiredly, “I just wish I could see my children, knowing the human’s my daughter will be slaves and my sons will be made into clothing.”

“You are so morbid, I think you would enjoy art.” The human laughed at me, I laughed back at her and jabbed my claws into gut. I might as well get to painting after all.

Milky white liquid poured out of her wound, She pulled my claws out of her stomach and rolled her eyes. “We are dead. What exactly did you expect to happen?”

“You at least being quiet for a bit, maybe I should try tearing out your throat just to be sure.” I threatened but honestly I didn’t feel the urge of trying to kill her if it wasn’t going to do much. “Why do you suppose that we are here together, I doubt the Gods want us to learn a lesson here.”

“I would refute your Gods but mine didn’t show up here either. I wonder why my blood is white now, I’m pretty sure I bleed red normally.” She raised an eyebrow as the room lurched and several more pictures she drew lined the walls along with one that she hadn’t created. This picture frustrated me.

The picture was of me, sitting in the Vassalr with a large black flower that held white butterfly on the petals.  I barely remember it but the understanding of this moment and the hell that I was brought into made me want to vomit. The woman stepped toward the picture and touched it, her fingers trailed over the oil paint used to make the painting.

“Did you draw this?” She asked, I hated how familiar she behaved with me.

“I do not draw, the arts are beyond me. I much rather play music to boost morale. Someone drew this of me and It’s infuriating, I did not thing that the afterlife was filled with so much mocking.” I grumbled and licked the fluid off of my claws.

‘Does he remember me?  Eldarn, you are a fool and you did not but reject your own culture you killed so many over.’ I turned my head to face her but the words weren’t coming from her mouth, I licked some more of the white blood off of my talons.

‘You saw the rose, you know my vision. Fine. I will wait for you to acknowledge me, it not like I have anything else to do in this room.’  I continued to stare at her in anger.

“I do not accept a human as my bonded so you can remove those thoughts from you head. I reject you, I reject you. I reject you!” My screams vibrated through the room as I lunged at her, my claws tore into her face. Milky white blood painted the room, I felt little relief as she wrapped her hands around me in a hug. I wanted her to suffer but nothing I did seem to do more than sadden her.

“Are you done? Do you feel empowered?” She said as her head simply regrew a body instead of trying to fix all the organs I tossed across the room.

I glare silently at her, “I know you are fully capable of killing my people, I’ve seen what you did to the hunters. Why don’t you fight back?”

She shrugged, “I don’t want to give you the vindication to hate me. You can’t hurt me here and I don’t think I can hurt you outside of saying mean words. This place makes me scared, no windows, four bland walls and a collection of my pictures. I am without purpose.”

“Purpose.” The word frustrated me, this woman in her insensitivity took my purpose. “Allow me to show you purpose.”

If drinking her blood would allow me inside of that disgusting mind of hers…. My claws will help her see what she did to my purpose. I slammed my claws into my own flesh, it’s painless but I can feel the pressure and heat. I pull out my heart and hold it out, she continues to wear that implacable look of boredom on her face as she hold my heart in her hands.

“Eat it.” I order as a second heart fills my chest cavity.

“I will do not such-”

“I will carve open your stomach and put it there if you don’t.”

“So violent, I guess I can’t expect much from a warlord.” She bites into my heart, it’s not something I want to see but I gauge her reaction, there is a slip in her mask as she bites into the white flesh a second time.

She finishes the heart and sits for a moment in thought. “So because you could not find your bonded your destiny changed?  So many died on both sides and you couldn’t just tell me what I did wrong?! How was  I to know?”

“It was too late, it’s still to late. I can’t go back and un-kill, un-rape, un-pillage the humans lands. You cannot go back and bring my brothers back to life. So we are stuck here, because a fool wanted to paint a picture.” I sat against the wall and watched as the photos were now replaced with a mural showing my impalement of a human family on five of our war banners.

“Do you regret any of it?” She asked with cracking voice, I wonder how deep into my soul did she peer.

“I regret all of it. Consider what you are, we could have had a nice life of traveling musicians or art dealers.”

“I’m sorry.” She said.

I don’t speak, I just start at the scrawny human and realize that I still do not know her name. I don’t want to know her name, she stole my purpose from me. I still hate her and she can feel it pressing on her mind.









10 thoughts on “Blog Challenge Two

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  2. I really like your portrayal of these emotions. He’s passionate, she’s almost exactly the opposite. Especially his rejection of her. Quite the story, I could feel the setting’s impact on the characters.

    • Thank you. I was really hoping to capture that these two are connected yet the connect is so rusted they can barely tolerate the existence of the other. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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