Prompt Night Wensday

Prompt 1: This image

“Another mortal trickles down to my chambers.” The pale man chuckled from pool filled with scented oils and floating flowers. The figure was as beautiful as freshly fallen snow, the only evidence of his demonic nature was the coal black horns that adorned his head.

The dread lord Bathros appeared in the room with his armor shattered and the last vestiges of holy energy dissipated from his tortured body.  He remembered fighting and dying to a blade so pure that he wished to feel it’s cut again. The pale man clapped his hands slowly as Bathros knelt, Bathros knew that he would have to atone to his masters.

“It was a good show, I honestly expected you to win but even I couldn’t bring you back from complete purification. So thus, Bathros is dead and his minions will be scattered to the winds. How do you feel about your current state, Dread Lord.” The figure strode out of the water, his body flaring with a heat that dried him as soon as he stepped out of the water.

“I know I have failed my masters, I do not know which of the seven are you, I apologize.” Bathros said, his voice filled with sorrow.

“I am all of them. Each of your blessings is just another aspect of my power, I was rooting for you and your plan was sound but the main thing that we didn’t account for was the interference of a much more powerful angel.”  The figure placed a hand over Bathros’ head as he gently removed the powers he bestowed upon the human.

“You don’t sound angry, my Master?” Bathros couldn’t help but wonder about the demons that demanded he sacrifice his son, Marcus, to it as an offering for more power.

“Why would I be? You made me seven promises and with each one I gave you seven boons that would be yours if you succeeded. If you failed then your soul became mine, there is nothing that I had to lose here. You were quiet entertaining to watch, I would watch your fights with Marcus and instruct him on basic demonology.” The demon remarked as Marcus raised his head to look at him.

“My son is h-” Bathros barely got the words out as his mouth was suddenly filled with the demon’s shaft. Bathros  tried to spit out the invading organ the more he tried to resists the further the demon pushed him down.

“Yes and you’ll get to meet him but for now… I’m a little bored of discussion. We will have plenty of time to discuss this when your belly is full.” The demon remarked as the door behind him opened.

Entering the room was a massive hulking demon, long black horns were attached to a large canine like body. Five long tentacle like appendages dragged along the floor as it approached them,  the creature nostrils flared as it’s pink body tensed. It moved closer to Bathros while his throat was getting filled, the creature smiled as a trail of drool dripped from it’s mouth.

“Father? The creature rumbled as it’s appendages moved over Bathros armor, to the man’s horror each tentacle was topped with a different animal penis.

“When I am done Marcus, he is all yours. I did promise you a happy reunion. I left him unspoiled.” The demon chuckled.

==========Prompt 2===============

This Image

“This is a little awkward.” Brian said sitting across from one of the most impressive dragon that he had ever met, the hours they spent dying and eating came to quick arkward pause as she asked about his career.

“It’s a little embarrassing and I think we are having such a good night that we should probably end it on a high note. How was your braised troll steak?” Brian said nervously putting up his menu as if it would shield him from the thirty feet of blue dragon that gazed down at him curiously.

“Oh please, I can tell by the way you are about to burst out of your tunic that you do a lot of manual labor.” Dess the breaker of mountains chuckled with a enough force that she blew the awning off of the restaurant.

“I’m a dragon tamer.” Brian answered sheepishly, Dess laughter immediately stopped as she peeked down at Brian.

“You’re a dragon tamer?” She asked, he nodded.

“You break in a dragon to be ridden by the dragoons?” Dess asked, Brian nodded with his face flushed.

“You pull them down with ropes, you hit them with the flat sticks and you make them buckle under your will like dumb animals? Then you make sure that they breed and give you enough eggs for the next set of dragons?” Dess asked loudly enough that several of the half dragons running the restaurant paused to look at them.

“Yes, I’m-”

“Oh fuck that is hot, I love seeing those humans tame the lesser drakes and you are one of them. Would you uh… like to come back to my keep?” Dess asked, the smell of her arousal was strong as she stood up on all four limbs.

Brian looked between her legs  and noticed a waterfall of clear liquid dripping under her tail. The lust was clear in her eyes, while relief washed over him about his career they glowing eyes of Dess told him something far more terrifying as she scattered a few gold coins from under her scales across the table. Dess was in her hording phase and he was going to be a part of her horde, he was scooped up in an enormous claw before she took flight.

“So… you have a keep? I thought blue dragons kept to mountains and spires…” Brian yelled over the sound of her flapping wings.

“Too old fashioned, I can study magic anywhere and it puts my servant at ease if I’m close.” Dess mentioned casually as they neared the keep.

“Servants?” Brian asked as she came to a soft landing, he was dropped off in a courtyard as hundreds of blue Kobolds rushed to greet her. Dess shrugged at him as she watched him slide off the pile of books that made up her courtyard horde.

“So when do we get to training… I want them to watch.” She grinned ferally.


===========Prompt 3============

This Prompt

“Grab my hand…” The woman spoke with a sigh of displeasure, her armor hummed with arcane energy as she grabbed the hand of the human feeling the hordes of monsters.  Adriana clasped his hand and swung him on top of the the war horse.

“What is happening?!” The human screamed as the chattering horde of monsters snapped at the rear of he horse. He was dressed in modern looking clothes and his lack of mana told her that he wasn’t from her side of the fracture.

“It’s a bunch of zerglings, don’t let them capture you. They’ll turn you into something horrid, grab on to the reigns and make sure my horse doesn’t run away.” Adriana slipped of the horse and roared her defiance at the hordes of monsters.

“I will murder every one of your family you ugly zerglings.”  Adriana charged before  the sickening whip crack of a gunshot snapped over the crowd.  Adriana felt her body go slack as the bullet passed through cleanly.

“Hmph… I will never understand how such being got by without good fire arms.” Alexei Stukov stepped from around the various zerglings that had paused to feast on the Draeni corpse.   “Leave her brain intact, we will understand this ‘magic’ that these Alliance creatures covet so dearly.”

Stukov watched the young man galloping away on the horse with a small smile, ” You know… I’ve been wondering how the others are faring here. It’s such child’s play when you can just grow your own army.”

In the distance beyond the many mountains of Azeroth became blighted with the growth of Hives, such a discordant would would become fuel for the billions of Zerg that would flourish on this world.  Stukov adjusted his officers coat and leaned against on of the many ultralisks in his army, he sent out a telepathic signal to Kerrigan.

‘My unit has already marched on these Draeni. How fares the Queen of blades against the horde?’

The image of Kerrigan looking up from a mouth full of orc entrail as Mutalisk soar around her told Stukov everything he needed to know. ‘Stukov you have to try these orc. They are even more tasty than a Protross zealot.’

‘I’d rather not. I might be Zerg but I do remember how to eat at a table or a spawning pool.’

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